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Arthritis in Dogs - Symptoms

Treatment and tips that may help your arthritic dog

Arthritis Dogs
Arthritis tips to help your dog



Arthritis is a common disease that affects dogs. Just as with humans, arthritis is more likely to get worse with age. The larger breeds of dogs such as the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd are more likely to be affected than small breed dogs but small dogs are not immune to arthritis by any means. Heavy and overweight dogs are more likely to experience symptoms because of the extra strain placed on ligaments and joints.

The Common Symptoms of Arthritis in dogs

*   Reduced Activity
*  Limping
*  Difficulty getting up from a lying down position
*  Stiffness in the legs especially after waking or in the morning
*  Difficulty jumping up onto things or getting into cars etc
*  Difficulty climbing stairs
*  Yelping in pain
*  Chewing or licking at joints
*  Showing personality changes such as aggression
*  Reluctance to walk or play
*  Withdrawing from family activities

Here are a few tips that may help your arthritic dog:

Weight Control helps Arthritis in Dogs

Weight control is an important component of any treatment for arthritis.

The number one thing you can do for your dog’s arthritis is to make sure your dog is not overweight. Extra weight can aggravate arthritis by causing undo stress on the joints. Dog arthritis medicine can ease the symptoms of arthritis, but losing weight can usually benefit the dog even more.

More Reading - Obesity & Weight loss
Medication and Pain Control for Dog Arthritis

Various medications are available that relieve the pain your dog is feeling due to arthritis. Your veterinarian is the best person to advise you as to which medications would be most suitable for your dog's situation.

Fish Oil Supplements For Dogs are useful. Veterinarians are discovering that Omega 3 fatty acids can be valuable for a variety of conditions. They have become a popular supplement often recommended by veterinarians, for arthritis, kidney disease, allergies, skin conditions and elevated cholesterol.

Fish Oil Supplements in humans reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain due to arthritis. 

Fish oil also helps maintain healthy heart, joints, brain and eyes.



Ramps and Stairs for Dogs with Arthritis

Dog Stairs are a great idea to help your dog get up and down from beds and furniture.

Ramps can help pets safely access sofas and beds or get in and out of your vehicle. Pictured below is a portable vehicle access ramp.

Dog Ramp Vehicle
Click to enlarge

Dog Stairs an aid to arthritis in dogs

Dog Stair Steps

 Dog Ramp Car

Dog Ramp

Dog Stairs an aid to arthritis in dogs

Dog Stair Steps

Dog Ramp to access beds and furniture. Aid for Arthritis in dogs

Dog Ramp

Search online as many online pet suppliers carry these products. Search for 'Dog Ramps' or 'Dog Stairs'



Comfortable Bedding for dogs with Arthritis

All dogs deserve a comfortable bed to sleep in but your arthritic dog can be made more comfortable with a soft bed to help him with his painful joints. Canine arthritis is a painful degenerative joint disease, the condition and stiffness in the joints can also be made worse if your dog continues to sleep on cold hard floors.

Slip-free Flooring

Arthritic dogs find it difficult to walk on slippery floors such as tiled or hardwood floors. By placing carpet or rugs on these floors will secure your dog's footing.





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