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Anti Anxiety Clothing for Dogs
A new way to prevent anxiety in dogs without drugs. Thunder Shirts.

Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs
Every year thousands of dogs die from Antifreeze Poisoning

Arthritis in Dogs
10 Tips to help your dog cope with the pain of arthritis

Atopy - Allergic Dermatitis
A common skin condition in dogs. Inhaled allergens can cause your dog to itch and scratch. Find out more about Atopy.

Bladder Infections - Urinary Tract Infections
Symptoms and treatment of dog bladder infections also known as Urinary Tract Infections. UTI

Dog Bad Breath Problems
Symptoms and causes of bad breath in dogs.

Canine Distemper
What is canine distemper? How can the virus spread? What are the symptoms of distemper? What is the treatment?

Car Sickness in Dogs
A few tips for preventing motion sickness in dogs

Ear Mites
Ear Mite infections in dogs cause intense itching of the ears. Dogs may cause damage by scratching making the ears bleed. Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Dogs, Babies and Kids
A guide for ensuring dogs and kids get along safely. Also, introducing your dog to your new baby.

Distemper Parvo & Hepatitis Vaccine
DHPP Vaccine. Commonly called the canine distemper vaccine, this is the most common combination vaccine given to dogs.

Diarrhea in Dogs
Information on when you can treat dog's diarrhea at home or when you should consult your vet.

Dog Farting prevention
Some tips to prevent your dog farting so much

Euthanasia of your Dog
Help with painful decisions you must make in regards to euthanasia.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis
The most common allergy found in dogs. One bite from one flea is all it takes to make your dog's life miserable

Foods that are toxic or dangerous for your dog
It's not always wise to feed your dog food from your table. There are many foods that are poisonous to dogs.

Heartworm in Dogs
Prevention of heartworm is very important. Heartworm can kill your dog. Find out about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of heartworm in dogs.

Heat: The facts about a dog in heat
First heat can vary greatly dog to dog. The youngest is about six months of age though sometimes a female will come into season younger

Kennel Cough - Infectious Tracheobronchitis
Kennel Cough presents as a dry, hacking, coarse cough, retching and gagging. It often sounds like your dog has got something caught in the back of his throat

Kennel Cough (Bordetella) Vaccine
Bordetella bronchisepta is a bacterial infection that causes a serious pneumonia in dogs. Vaccination advice

Leptospirosis Vaccination for Dogs
Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection. It causes fever, vomiting, increased urination, and can lead to kidney and sometimes liver failure and death in both animals and humans.

Lyme Disease Vaccination for Dogs
Lyme disease is passed by ticks. Lyme disease can lead to kidney failure and death.

Mange in Dogs - Symptoms and Treatment
Mange is caused by a mite. There are three different varieties of mange. Mange can cause itchiness and hair loss.

Overweight Dogs
Advice on diet, medication and exercise. Obese dogs are be more likely to get diabetes, pancreatitis and joint problems.

Rabies Vaccination for Dogs
Rabies is a fatal but preventable viral disease which affects dogs and other mammals. If your dog becomes infected with the rabies virus a range of severe neurological symptoms will cause death.

Rabies Free Countries
A list of countries that are free from rabies

Ringworm in Dogs
What is Ringworm? What does ringworm look like? Photos of a dog infected with ringworm. Treatment for ringworm.

Snail Bait Poisoning
Symptoms, treatment and prevention of Snail Bait Poisoning.
Snail bait poisoning can be fatal if untreated.

Spaying and Neutering your dog
Spaying and neutering before sexual maturity offers a temperament benefit. Reasons for spaying or neutering your dog

Tapeworm in Dogs
Tapeworms are a parasite that are found in the small intestine of dogs. Dogs will often scoot around on their rear end due to the irritation

Vaccination for your Dog
Your dog needs to be vaccinated against serious diseases they are at risk of being exposed to.

Vet - When to call the vet for your dog or puppy
Part of being a responsible puppy or dog owner is knowing when to call the vet. So many people let things go and have a "wait and see" attitude when their pet has something wrong. Sometimes, wait and see" is fine, other times it can be the difference between life and death

Worms. When to worm your puppy or dog
A brief outline on different types of dog worms and at what age you should worm your puppy.

Can Children Catch Worms from Dogs?
Find out if your children are in danger of catching worms from your dog


Aggressive Puppy
Explains the difference between true aggression and play aggression. Suggestions on how to modify aggressive behavior.

Adult Dog House Training Guide
This article will assist you in house training (potty training) an adult dog.

Adult Dog Suddenly Starts Peeing in the House
Reasons why your dog may have begun peeing in the house. Medical or Behavioral

Barking. How to control your dog's barking
Excessive barking is a common complaint with dog owners and their neighbors. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. Find out how to control your dog's barking

Belly Bands for male dogs can Prevent Urine marking in the House 
Problem with dog lifting his leg & peeing in the house? Belly bands can save your carpets and furniture from your dog marking urine

Biting - Teach your puppy not to bite
It is far easier to prevent bad habits from developing than it is to retrain an older puppy or adult dog. However, this can be used for adult dogs as well.

Bored Dog. Is your dog bored
Boredom in dogs leads to undesired behaviors. Avoid these bad behaviors such as digging, barking and bad habits. Enrich your dogs life.

Chewing - Stop your dog from chewing things he shouldn't
Dogs chew for many reasons. Puppies explore with their mouths. Everything and anything will go in.

Control of your dog: Gaining and Maintaining
Do you get frustrated when your dog jumps on you or your visitors? Read about the NILIF program. Nothing in life is free.

Dog Marking Urine Problems
Tips and help on how to stop dogs marking territory inside the house

House Training without Crating
The easy way to house train your puppy. Puppy potty training

House Training
Detailed steps for housetraining

House Training: Adult dogs who revert to peeing in the house
Reasons why and how to address the problem of previously house trained dogs urinating in the house.

Jumping Up. How to prevent
Tips on stopping your dog or puppy jumping up on people

Potty Training your puppy or dog. Easy Guide
Here are a few tips to help better your chances of a successfully housetrained dog

Separation Anxiety in dogs
It can be extremely frustrating for dog owners, often taking the forms of irritating and destructive behaviors from the dog. Donít panic, with hard work and patience, you can fix it.

Submissive Urination
Some tips on how to build your dog's confidence and control submissive urination

Thunder Storm Anxiety Prevention
Often all it takes is a firm fitting garment to relieve your dog of it's Thunder Phobia.


How To

How to Teach your Dog commands
Understanding how your dog learns and how to teach your dog basic behavior such as sit, down, come. Includes clicker training techniques

How to get rid of Fleas on dogs and in your home
Follow these steps to kill fleas on your pet and in your house forever.

How to kill fleas on young Puppies
Tips on how to get rid of fleas on young puppies without using harsh chemicals

How to clean and remove dog urine odors and stains
Free home remedy recipe to remove dog urine smells and stains using common household products

How to remove Dog Poop from Carpets. Stains & odors
Clean stains and odors of dog poop and diarrhea using products you have around the house

How to remove Dog Urine from a Mattress
Homemade recipe to clean a mattress of dog pee

Dog Urine Removal Reviews & Testimonials
Dog Urine removal from carpets, mattress, sofas, futons. Readers reviews and testimonials. Free recipe. More info

How to Prevent your dog Urine Marking inside the house
Why dogs urine mark and techniques and tips to stop your dog marking territory in the house.

How to remove pet hair from carpets, furnishings and clothing
Household tips for the pet hair blues.

How to Potty Train your puppy or dog. Easy Guide
Here are a few tips to help better your chances of  successfully housetraining your puppy

How to make the transition from potty pads to pottying outside
Step by step guide

How to Stop your Dog Digging Holes
Some tips to prevent and minimize your dog digging holes in the yard or garden

How to teach your dog to ring a bell to go outside
Door bell training can be very useful. It is simple to teach your dog to ring a bell to go outside to potty.

How to Find a Lost Dog
Positive steps for you to take to locate a lost or stolen dog or puppy. There are many things you can do to find a lost dog

How to introduce dogs to cats
Sometimes dogs and cats can become good buddies Some useful tips on how to help your dog and cat get along together

How to teach your Dog to Read
An illustrated step by step guide that will have your dog 'reading' in no time

General Dog Articles

Choosing the right Dog for Older People
Some tips to remember when choosing a dog for seniors.
High energy dogs are not always the best choice.

Death of your Dog
Helping you cope with the process of grief after your dog has died

Dog Urine Odor and Stain Removal Reviews
Our readers comment on how well our Dog Urine Odor and Stain Removal recipe worked for them.

Dog Years - Human Years
What is my dog's age in Human years

Female Dog in Heat
What to expect when your dog comes in heat. What age does a dog come in heat. How long does a heat cycle last?

Hypoallergenic Dogs
Which breeds of dog are considered to be non shedding or low shedding? Find out more about Hypo Allergenic Dogs

Life Expectancy of Large Breed Dogs
Do smaller breed dogs live longer than the larger breeds of dog? Can diet increase life expectancy?

Lost Dog - Tips on how to find
Some useful ideas on how to find a lost dog

Non Shedding - Low Shedding Dogs
Which breeds of dog are considered to be non shedding or low shedding? Find out more about Hypo Allergenic Dogs

Retracting Leads
Some of the pitfalls encountered when using retractable leads

Should I get a Dog?
Some issues to consider

Thunder Phobia
A tale of an ingenious dog who pretended to be afraid of thunder.

Top 100 Dog Names
Find the top 50 Male Dog names and the top 50 Female Dog names

Winter - Cold Weather & Snow Care for dogs
Tips to keep your dog happy in the cold




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