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Testimonial Page - Free Recipe for Removing Dog or Cat Urine Odors

Listed below are the recipes for cleaning Dog and Cat Urine from Carpets, Mattress, Sofa etc.
Then read on for the testimonials from our readers as to their success.  

Below are the Testimonials as to how this urine removal recipe has worked for our readers.

Click here if you would like to add your comments to this Testimonial page


TESTIMONIALS from readers who have tried our free recipe to remove cat and dog urine smells 
from Carpet or Mattress


Of all the things that could happen while watching a hyper young pup in the middle of the night is waking up to a urine smell.... coming to find out it was one of the kids he’s that I was house sitting for. By urine smell I mean more than half of this bed was covered in urine!!! I freaked out!

I followed this step just as recommended and it worked like a charm!!! No stain or smell!! I also used this on a carpet where the other dog had diarrhea a few times. It took the stains right out and there was no smell. Currently I’m wondering if this would work on a couch? Our dog has this greasy hair and is leaving a smell on the couch.

Stephanie. Bell Air, MD. USA

My dog had peed on my mattress.. it is a queen size mattress and i've had it for over ten years. i have had numerous guests over thruout the years as well as babysat and i never had nothing spilled or any kind of liquid on my mattress in all these years... well lo and behold, i have a five year old shi zhu female dog who i have on occasion let sleep me overnight.. being a woman of a certain age, i sometimes experience night sweats associated with menopause, so when i rolled over to a certain spot on the bed and felt some dampness i just assumed it was me okay? however after moving to another spot on my mattress i noticed that this particular spot felt a little bit more
damp than the previous one.. i said to myself this ain't no menopause night sweats here.. i got up and turned on the light and begin to feel the mattress even more.. sure enough it was wet and it smelled with the faint odor of urine... i knew who the culprit was right away.. to make a long story short, there truly is a god because i was so close to tearing this dog apart ..
being it was three in the morning and nothing i could really do at this point, i went online to see if i could get some recommendations on how to now clean this mattress.. i wasn't really trying to contemplate getting a new one , but if i had to, then i had to.. i followed the directions on how to get dog pee out of the mattress, very skeptically i must say, at first...
i am here to let you know that this recipe worked fabulously... i couldn't believe it.. no more urine smell at all and mattress was clean.. very nice faint smell of dish detergent was a welcome.. i wil definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who may happen to have a similiar encounter....
thank you so much.. it really does work.....

Rosemary. Jersey City. USA

I had a nice 5' x 7' rug with dried urine from our dog. I used our carpet shampooer, with a shampoo designed to remove pet stains and smells, many times. It would smell better for a day or two, and then the urine smell would return.
I decided to try this formula. I put the water/vinegar mixture in my shampooer to apply. The shampooer was able to also suck excess solution back out of the rug (I did this outside on the driveway so it dried quickly). I sprinkled on the baking soda, spread it around and worked into the fibers with my hand. I then sprayed the detergent/peroxide over the entire rug. The detergent/peroxide solution dried quickly. I then vacuumed the rug and was amazed.
The rug was clean, no smell, no stains. The rug is clean enough I would be comfortable laying out on it! I've saved this solution and will definitely use again!

Don L. TN, USA

This worked great!! My dog gets recurrent uti's and tends to use the spare bedroom mattress for her accidents. I've had to use this recipe twice now and the smell is completely gone from the mattress. I feel confident that the mattress is clean. I now have a vinyl mattress pad over the mattress so hopefully I won't need to do this anymore but I know now that I can come back to this no-fail recipe whenever I need it!!

Lindsey M. Burgettstown PA, USA

This is completely amazing!! A million thank you's. I have spent so much on cleaning products that didn't not work. I am so amazed on how much this has not only gotten rid of the smell but also made my carpets look better from the stain of the urine & products I used on it. I can't thank you enough!!

Sharon, NY, USA

My bed is very soft foam mattress on adjustable queen frame. Purchased for health reasons as was my adorable 4 pound Maltese male pup. Mattress still very new is covered with waterproof zippered lining, so they say. Unfortunately not true. Having the pup sleep with me because of health reasons I relied on mattress cover only to find out it had three small holes. Big enough to allow urine to escape.

Mattress was soaked clear through. Thank goodness for internet where I found this remedy. Worked like a charm. I slept on another bed that night and was delighted the next morning to smell my odor free bed.

Two zipper water resistant toppers are now on the bed with a backup for changing. Pup and Mom now worry free.

Thank you for sharing,

Delite, Uniontown, Ohio, USA

I am stunned at how well this worked. I used a commercial upholstery cleaner on my mattress and was still haunted last night by the faint odor of dog urine. I found this webpage and tried it first thing in the morning. Follow the directions!! I was hesitant to pour the hydrogen peroxide mix on the baking soda and tried to run it in with a soaked cloth instead. I had to repeat the step correctly in order to get rid of the vinegar and very faint urine odor from the first steps. After following the directions and pouring the detergent/peroxide mixture, the unpleasant smell is GONE, I tell you; GONE. I've had dogs for 18 years and lament only learning about this now.

Crystal, Washington, USA

Our dog is deathly afraid of thunderstorms. One such occurred while we were gone and we came home to a veritable river of urine on my son's year old pillowtop mattress. He was sooo upset (as was I!) I literally used an entire roll of paper towels soaking up the urine and thought that it was probably hopeless. I googled how to get rid of dog urine on a mattress and up popped your site! Then I saw how you recommended a wet/dry shop vac so I then used that as my next step. I doubled your recipe since there was so much pee - she's a 100 lb dog so you can imagine! I used the shop vac after each step. I am blown away by the results! Mattress looks amazing and smells great! So impressed! The shop vac was brilliant, as that really helped with the drying time. After following your guide and putting a fan to blow directly on it, the mattress was dry in about 4 hours. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

Brenda Isaacs-Booth, Austin, USA

It was amazing. Our dog urinated a large puddle on our mattress, about the size of a hand towel. We followed the steps exactly and the smell is gone and you can't tell the stain was ever there. I am keeping the instructions for future use and can't thank you enough!

Pat Martin, Illinois, USA

One of a very few things that has actually worked 100% as I had expected. Thank you!

M. Virginia, USA.

For years I have tried everything to remove dog urine out of my large area rugs and I have tossed out four because even pressure washing outside didn't get rid of the awful smell. I was on my last try before my patience were over and this WORKS! I mean 100 percent no smell and my dog had more than one (many) accidents in same spot! Thank you soooooo much for sharing :) I have also waited for two weeks to just be sure smell wouldnt return before posting my success.

Brandy, Niagra Falls, USA

It really worked! Thanks for saving my futon!!!

LizB, Hillsdale, NY, USA

I was shocked and furious when my granddog, Coco, a full grown and normally well trained, well behaved, and very sweet, Red Nosed Pit Bull urinated on my less than a year old plush top mattress. I recently started a new job working the overnight shift and I guess she'd had enough of me being gone since she is used to sleeping in my room with me there because when I came in from work this morning and went to get into my bed, she had not only left my bed a disheveled mess, but she had peed on it as well. Once my anger subsided and I had removed all the linens, blanket, and comforter, I did a search and found this home remedy for getting the urine smell removed. The bed is in the process of drying as I write this, and even though I won't be able to get in it to sleep any time soon, I am pleasantly surprised that the smell is already gone. I'm hoping that by the time all the bed linens are washed and dried, the mattress will be dry as well and I can go off to dreamland. I'm so glad that I don't have to work tonight so it doesn't matter what time I finally get to sleep and I am equally happy that your solution to my problem was there when I needed it and it worked!! Thank you! You are a Godsend!!

Deb, Pennsylvania, USA

I just had my area rug professionally cleaned front and back plus they said sanitized because I had areas I could see from the back that had pee spots from the dogs I was sheltering. I put my nose to the carpet a day later and could still smell the urine! I looked for a recipe and found this. I did not go to the vinegar right away but I will for the next time. I am buying back up supplies today in bulk because I will treat the entire rug the same if it happens again. I used the hydrogen peroxide 3% with dish soap and a brush and the baking soda. Immediately I could see the baking soda lifting the urine up. I let it dry over night with box fans and ceiling fan going. I have a kurby and it did an okay job vacuuming up the mess but used my hand held to vacuum the kurby so I could get it outside to shake out the vacuum. I will have to take the vacuum apart to clean up the baking soda. It is well worth it. I put my nose to the carpet spot today and it is free of urine smell! Give this recipe a try. I will use it again for sure!

Jacqueline, CA USA

Absolutely the most incredible recipe, EVER! Our new rescue dog decided she needed to be closer to us and peed all over our brand new king size pillow top mattress. Instead of throwing away $1500 we used this little trick and are pleased beyond belief. Since it's winter in Missouri we didn't have the option of leaving it in the sun to dry. It took three nights sleeping in our spare bedroom so the ceiling fan could dry it but dang! I stuck my nose all over what was "the spot" and there is absolutely no odor! WONDERFUL!

Melissa, Missouri. USA

This worked great! Mattress doesn't smell at all, and the ingredients are all things I had around the house. Thank you!

Anonymous. Chicago. USA

I never write testimonials but this was amazing and worked so well i had to. My dog urininated a year ago on a mattress and I put bleach and it had the stain of both. I just couldn't take looking at it everytime i changed the sheets. Was on line to buy a urine out product and came across your remedy. . well i wish i would have done a before pic. Your have come up with an amazing solution that absolutely works. Thanks for my $1000 pillow top looking brand new.. Thanks Thanks

Trena. New Jersey. USA

OMG! I found this remedy a few years ago. While dog-sitting, the 12-month old Black Lab was more interested in playing, but when the urge hit, he was too far from the door. Big puddle, big, big puddle. It was so bad, I was calling the local carpet company to see if they had remnants I could use as replacement piece. I just knew I was going to have to cut out the big, bad puddle. So I had nothing to lose. Tried this remedy and OMG!!!! I can't say that enough. It took 3 days of repeated treatment/drying time, but you can not even tell there was ever an accident. So with, again, nothing to lose, I tried this on carpet spots where my plants were over-watered and brown staining developed. OMG (there I said it again)! It worked on them too.

Now, today, my 13 yr old black lab apparently had an accident in the middle of the night, in the office, on the carpet. Took me a while to find the wet spot. But I didn't hesitate to find this website again.

And because I'm basically lazy, I've used my Kirby Carpet Cleaning attachment for the vinegar/water, suck it up segment. The fan is drying the spot as I type. I have no doubt that by this time tomorrow, I will have fresh clean dry carpet.

Thank you for saving me tons of money in cleaners, carpet and frustration.

Lillian. Wasilla, AK, USA

I can't thank you enough for such an outstanding cleaning solution. I was shocked to find out that our 5 year old spaniel mix had urinated on our master bed. This is something she has never done before. I suspect she didn't want our new puppy anywhere near her spot on the bed. To make matters worse, we had just inherited this higher end mattress from my sister. I followed the steps given and am waiting for the baking soda peroxide solution to sink in. Already so far the yellow stain is removed and I can't see any remainder of stain on the white mattress quilting, nor any smell. Now I will just have to wait for the drying process. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!! You saved the day!!

Jamie. CA. USA

The dog urine removal worked perfectly on my California King Sized Pillowtop Mattress. I followed the steps, and I saw magic right before my eyes! It worked so well, I didn't have a smell or stain. Try it. It's a lifesaver

Saleemah  NJ USA

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I want you to know that we have a motel and had a lady rent a room for a month till they could find a house. She had three little dogs that she let pee all over the carpet. After I found out that the room was like it was we made her move. The smell was so bad it almost knock me over. We went and bought a big carpet shampooer and all the stuff to clean it with. Still the smell was very strong. That’s when I went online to find a home remedy and found this site. We did exactly what it said to do and you can’t believe the difference now. I thought we were going to have to put in new carpet and everything. I am so pleased. This truly works. When I first went on the site I read all the reviews and I thought this has to work. Well it did. Thank You so much.

Arkansas USA

I was very skeptical about this recipe actually working. Mainly because I have tried EVERYTHING!!-from pet sprays guaranteeing incredible results to organic remedies to "proven" internet/web solutions. I do not usually write testimonials, much less rave reviews, however, this recipe works!!

We have a puppy that we are house breaking and she obviously has accidents. Our rug in the family room had an overpowering dog urine scent that permeated the entire room. It had gotten to where we could no longer enjoy the room, because all we smelled was dog pee! Ugh! So out of desperation before throwing out my favorite rug (you know the one you spend months looking for, that you fall in love with the second you see it) I decided to try this recipe.

So yesterday I gathered the supplies (all of which I already had in my house) and put them to work. I had tried these ingredients before in one combination or another, but there is something about this sequence and specific combination of ingredients that makes this work. This morning when I walked into the room, the first thing I noticed - NO SMELL!!

Today our puppy had an accident while we were trying to coax her off the sofa (where she's not allowed, but she recently discovered she can finally jump up to). This time I did not despair the demise of my couch, I merely gathered my supplies, followed the steps and my couch is stink free!!

Thank you again!!!

Hi there I've tried everything nothing actually worked like these ingredients!!

My daughters male dog leaves BRIGHT YELLOW sprinkles on carpets I don't know if it's because he is not neutered and is leaving scent everywhere but I'm DONE TRYING then I found this concoction



I have a Rat Terror (sic) that has diabetes (insulin twice a day) and separation anxiety. His failing vision since his cataracts were removed isn't helping. My home became a disaster. I was running the steam cleaner several times a day. I couldn't stand to walk in the door. The steam cleaner did nothing for the order. Countless bottles of order eliminator did nothing. I was getting a carpet knife to remove the carpet and live on cement floors, but I checked the Internet first. Honestly, I was skeptical. But out of desperation I figured I'd give it a try. It worked. It honestly worked. I felt like I had hit the lotto. Now that the large area is cleaned up I just need to keep after him when he has an accident. Vet says diabetes and anxiety is what is causing him to do this. He lost his brother a while back and this also had a negative effect on him. Sometimes I wanted to jump off the roof head first, but he's all I have in the world and I'm not giving up on him. This method of removing the odor has saved the day. How anyone came up with this method is beyond me, but thank you! I have friends with similar problems and I have passed this along to them. They looked at me with the same raised eyebrow I had when I read this, but I smiled and said, "Try it".


I don't know what to say about how wonderful this tip has been. I have two bichons, one of which has always had problems with holding her bladder. I used Arm and Hammer Stain and Odour Remover which worked pretty well, but over time my rug had the most awful odour- sort of peppery and sickly. I was at the point of replacing my expensive rug when I came across this site. Thank goodness I did! I applied all the solutions this evening and, two hours later, I can't smell anything nasty. I am going to reapply tomorrow because it takes no time to do this. I just want to ensure this ugly stench stays away. Thank you, thank you.

Dorothy K, Canada

I used this method and it worked perfectly on my mattress after my puppy had an accident, it even got up old stains that had set in. I also recently used it on my carpet, every time I walked by my room I smelled urine and no matter what I did it was still there and then I remembered this simple recipe, AWESOME……smell is gone and my carpet looks great. THIS WORKS!!!!!!


I am so impressed with how this worked that I had to leave a testimonial. After weeks of trying different mixtures and cleaning solutions, this finally worked. thanks you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!!

Joanne in Surrey, B.C.

This is Sue from Marquette and I add my accolades for this easy and pretty natural solution. Our affected rug is one we love and paid a bundle for and I am really delighted with the just plain clean results!

To my surprise this method actually works! My dog never had accidents, but he did a few days ago under my bed of all places. Of course I didn't notice it until it was to late and had already set in the carpet. It smelled horrific! I had just got done shampooing the carpet and that made it worse. Thank God this worked! Woohoo


AWESOME!!! Don't buy any products that claim they remove pet urine. They don't work. This works every time. Follow the instructions , you'll be glad you did.

Mary Beth

Don’t ask me to go into particulars, but this formula works great not only on the pee of canis, but on that of homo sapiens as well.


Wow….this really did work for me. We have an older small dog (15) who continues to pee in our hallway.

I thought we would never get out the urine smell but this sure did work. However, the doggy went again regardless of the treatment.

Well we got back out the cage again and will block the hallway to see if this prevents this habit.

This solution worked really well………Thank you!
Elaine D, PA USA

Thank you
This worked very well!
I really believe the biggest key to this is: get up as much of the pee as you can. However, the combination of products worked

Tracy K

I have people coming over tomorrow and I've been worrying myself for days about that horrible smell. This actually worked, unlike everything else I've tried. Thanks!

L Walker.

Add me to the list of skeptics-turned-believers. My elderly dog still goes outside to do her business, but she dribbles a lot, even just walking around. My bedroom, where she sleeps, had a distinct kennel smell from when she gets up at night, lays on the carpet for a bit, then returns to her bed. Steam cleaning did nothing for the smell. After one treatment with this recipe, there is a very faint smell left if the house has been closed up on a hot day, but otherwise smells clean and odor free. Thanks for an easy, inexpensive remedy I can repeat as needed.

A. Stockman

I have three dogs, two boys, and a yard of dirt and chickens... and carpet. Just to make it more disgusting one of the dogs is a submissive urination issue and runs while peeing. It's gross. I couldn't take it anymore.
I found this recipe/technique and got down on hands and knees and scrubbed from one end of the house to the other over the course of four hours. My wrists and back ache and my knees are raw and literally blistered.
It was totally worth it.
I don't think my carpets have ever been this clean.

K. Crooks

Okay. I am almost speechless at how doggone well this works. I can’t say how many products I have tried that worked only to an extent, but did not totally get rid of odor AND stain like your method here. My new dog had been urinating at the corners of furniture (I think he’s finally potty-trained now, phew!) but I didn’t believe I would ever be able to get rid of the stinky smell and annoying sight of what had already happened.

I followed the instructions exactly. What an incredible difference. The method takes a little time, but totally worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


Click here if you would like to add your comments to this Testimonial page

Oh My Gawd. My 100+ lb dog peed on our livingroom area rug. I tried two separate store bought cleaners but the smell was still horrific, to the point that I couldn't be in the room without my eyes burning & feeling nauseated. I found your method, followed instructions and am ecstatic to say...DING DONG THE STENCH IS GONE. Thank you!

It removed stain and odor of a giant urine spot (approximately 2 ft x 1 ft) from a 115lb English Mastiff mix.

Kannapolis, NC

I did a whole bedroom and just added the ingredients to my carpet shampooer. It worked! I have tried everything. I thought I was going to have to pull up the carpet. Thank you!!!


Amazing! I drug home a castoff area rug. Looked decent for garage work area.. Unrolled the thing to find disgusting stains and overpowering dog urine stench! Ugh, what was I thinking? Nothing to lose, right?  I Hosed it down backside up and poured citrus dish soap/bleach mixture (a big squirt and 1/3 c bleach in 2 gallons of water) and stomped & hosed til nasty amber water ran mostly clear. Turned carpet and used carpet cleaner to pull out moisture. Draped over ladders to dry. Almost.. Then  2/1 water/white vinegar with a splash of citrus all purpose liquid cleaner using 2 gallon sprinkling can to moisten til it began to run off. Closer.. Again with water and vinegar  4/1 adding 1/3 c  baking soda (it will froth) and with sprinkling can lightly wetting carpet focusing on areas with remaining odor. Holy Cow! I can put my nose right on the rug.. Smells fresh! May use it in sunroom rather than garage! This took several days to allow for drying.. But 10 bucks later I have a decent 10x12 bound short shag-ish rug!  I may go at it again with traditional carpet cleaner for good measure to ensure it will pass my critters' inspection.. But the darned thing looks and smells OK. No more odor! No more stains!

Emily from Indiana

Thank you so very much. This is such a blessing. I have a 2year old rescue that has some brain damage. She was very sick when she was young and this has caused her to not “get it”.

I have hardwood through my whole house but I have area rugs in every room. At Christmas I discovered that she had been using the dining and living room carpets as potty pads. I sent the rugs out with a professional carpet cleaner. They came back smelling awful. He apologized, took my money and left. I threw both rugs out. I purchased new rugs and my little peanut has been using them again. I cannot tell you how upset this made me, these rugs are expensive. I tried cleaning them with some store bought solutions…nothing. I knew sending them out was not an option. I googled, found you and my problem is solved! This is life changing. My sweet baby will probably never “get it” but I have a solution to ensure clean rugs. Thank you.

Michele PA

I am so thankful for intelligent individuals with REAL solutions to problems that are AFFORDABLE and most of all EFFECTIVE. With Great Appreciation and Sincere Thanks. This recipe worked … You’re the Best !!


I am another happy internet searcher who was in desperate need of a solution to removing set in urine stains and smell.

We just closed on a new house, and were very happy that it was seemingly “move in ready.” There was no distinct smell when we did the walk throughs, so we had no reason to be concerned. My husband felt it would be good to clean the carpets before we got all the furniture in, so rented a rug doctor and used the recommended detergent with it (it happened to be an odor removal solution).

After cleaning all of the carpets, though, we realized that there was a sudden urine smell permeating the house. At first we thought it was just because the carpet was still very damp, but then realized we had just revealed a hidden urine problem (we knew the previous owner had at least 1 dog).

We were completely bummed that this had cropped up after doing something that we would have though would be a solution – carpet cleaning with an odor removal solution. So I turned to the internet, and happily found your recipe with all of these incredible testimonials. I felt right away that it would be worth trying because I use a similar recipe/approach to huge success for getting vomit smell/stain off of carpeting and mattresses (our young daughter had a bad winter of stomach flus). I had not thought to use it for pet urine.

We identified the culprit corner of our new house where the urine smell was originating – nastily stinky after the carpet cleaning. And sure enough, the recipe worked it’s magic – all trace of the smell is gone!! We are now ready to move completely into our newly odor free house.

Thank you for hosting this information and helping us in our time of need!

Michelle. Grand Rapids, Michigan

OMG! Finally something worked. We adopted a 5 mo. Old rescue dog who was not house broken. No matter how many times we took her outside she treated the living room carpet like her personal potty. The one year old carpet reeked of urine, was no longer soft but crunchy. I bought all the urine elimination products I could. We thought we were going to have to rip out carpet and put in hard wood flooring. We couldn’t have company it smelled so terrible. I finally just googled once again something that might work. I read all the testimonials and went to the store, bought the products and worked on the carpet for nearly 2 hours. It’s gone. The smell is completely gone. Months of the smell and it’s finally gone. And the carpet is actually soft to the touch again.! My husband came home from work and couldn’t believe it. He even took the time to text me this morning to tell me what a great job I did. And there were no “accidents” for the last 24 hours either, so maybe it’s no longer Suri’s “private potty room”. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Memonee Falls, WI

Wow! This worked. I have beige carpet and my dog urinated on. This took out the odor and stain. I plan to use it in my shampoo machine.

Carsey, FL

You are a life saver. My boyfriend and I recently rescued a puppy and she hasn't been house trained. We've been working with her on using puppy pads but she still has occasional accidents. Last night I was laying with her on our bed, stepped away for a couple minutes, and when I came back there was a huge urine puddle that soaked down to the mattress. My boyfriend was furious, and unfortunately I was out of cleaning supplies, but luckily I found this article. This is brilliant! No stain, no smell, and it even worked on other stains that have been there for a long time. I can't thank you enough for sharing this! I will resort to this method for any accidents in the future.

Much love, Eva

I used this also but I put the solution of the vinegar and water in my steam cleaner. It worked wonders it even removed old smells from over the years. I had used other products but the smell stayed. Using the steam cleaner made it easier.


I tried everything and was ready to replace the carpet! I tried this and it worked beautifully! Thank you so much!


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I have used this for a while now! We have dachshund who will have "accidents" often. This is the easiest and best solution we have found! There is no smell when it's done! No residue either. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us.


I'm a HUGE skeptic but, this works as well as they say! I have the most sensitive nose & can't smell any urine odor! We have a new puppy and might have to use this a few more times, SO happy I found this remedy!!!

Thank you
Stephanie Warren

I am amazed!!!!! was ready to move and/or abandon my new Puppy!!! This works! SIMPLY PUT "IT WORKS". I am a happy lady so is my pup


April. Lower Florida Keys

I was laid up after surgery and could not walk upstairs for almost a month. My middle/high school aged kids were "in charge" of dog walks. All seemed well until I recovered enough to hobble upstairs. OMG!!!! Stains everywhere, well dried to boot.

I made multiple large batches of this formula and started a two day cleaning process. When I started I was resigned to possibility of a $3000 re-carpeting bill. When done, I photographed and videoed from every possible angle in awe of my as good as new carpet, odor and stain free. The other great thing is that there was no residue, no dirt sticking to residual stains, nothing!

This was five years ago and I still swear by this formula and have shared it with all my family and friends.

Sterling VA

Omg!  I bought a carpet cleaner & spent my entire Saturday trying to get rid of my dog's urine smell, but did not work.  We finally took the rug out back & sprayed it down & scrubbed with soapy water twice, still did not work. I found your recipe, and I'm sooooo thrilled that it worked! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing miracle solution! Btw, this recipe also got rid of old dark stains from our rug. Love it!

Orange County, California

Thanks so much for putting this information on the web. I was so ashamed for people to come into my house. Now I can enjoy company. I can't believe this works but it does. Thanks again.

Robbinsville NC

Worked very well on dried dog urine in a brand new mattress!  I was amazed really. I have had dogs all my life and have never found a sure fire solution!

Irving TX

Thank you so much for your help!! This is the best recipe to remove dog urine. I am not a fan of all the store products out there, I will be using this from here on out.

Thanks Again,

Wow tried this after using store bought cures. It worked & worked well. Small issue was the dog kept wanting to walk through the drying baking soda. I say go for it. This worked on dry pee stains by the way.

John L.

I was just about to order a new mattress and thought I'd google "how to clean mattress after dog urinated on it" and thankfully clicked on your website. I went through each step and followed exactly and um, WOW it really worked!! Saved me at least $500 and a big argument with my hubby. Thanks for this great home remedy! Going to tweet a link to your website.

Deb in South Florida

Wow! We thought we would have to replace our carpet the smell was so a dead animal or rotten fish...absolutely awful. We tried a full bottle of urine removal from Home Depot which barely had an effect. Then we found this recipe. We were worried because the smell was still present until the very last step. Although markedly better after the first application, we did a second application because we have a large dog and a large area affected. Bottom line, it works...smell is gone! Yeah! Thank you!

Sheryl,  California

I just moved into my new apartment and I have a perfectly housetrained dog who in all her perfectness decided she was just not going to wait for me to walk her when I returned from work so right at the foyer entry of my new apartment she empties an entire bladder full of the most foul smelling urine!! A TON!! I was SOOO mad I resolved right then and there to give her away to the pound. Your solution saved not only my floor, but her fate. After an entire day of wet vacuuming with all kinds of useless self-proclaimed urine smell/stain eliminator formulas to NO AVAIL I could STILL smell it and right when you walked into my apartment since it was right at the entry!!! I was skeptical because the ingredients were just too simple; although I recognized them from the formula I got from the vet when same “perfect” dog got into a “disagreement” with a certain local skunk so there was ever so small the glimmer of hope… IT WORKED!!! I mean IT WORKED!!! Thank you SOOO much. I still have my “perfect” dog and my apartment is saved!

Jeanie M. – Austin, TX

Thank you so look much for the urine smell solution. My 16yr old Sheba inu decided she was going to start using my new white rug as her bathroom. Living on the water where it's humid increases the urine smell. I steam cleaned the rug only to spread the problem throughout the carpet, and coming home every day to the scent was horrible. I searched all types of treatments but could not find one that eliminated the smell completely, until I found this web page and all the positive feedback.

So I went to the store this morning bought the ingredients. I did use my steam cleaner with the vinegar/water mix, used the dehumidifier to speed up the dry time . Sectioned off the rug in 4 squares with painters tape so I didn't miss anywhere and used a colander to sprinkle the baking soda. Down on my hands and knees, I sprayed the peroxide and Dawn dish liquid ( I found Caribbean water scent .. real nice !! ) combo and rubbed it in with my finger tips. Again using the dehumidifier to finish drying the rug before vacuuming. There is no smell anymore !!! This is definitely my go to if a future accident occurs. Just a note If you rake the carpet with you fingers USE GLOVES !! My fingertips are rug burned and tender to the touch, but they will heal quickly and my house smells fresh and clean. Definitely try this before spending money on products with chemicals in them or ripping up your carpet. !!!!!&

Dawn, Long Island NY

This stuff really works! Out of all the products I have used, plus the expensive professional cleaning, I have to say, this was awesome. Its easy and inexpensive. I was a little skeptical at first but after reading all the reviews I decided I would try it, and I'm glad I did! I still can't believe it. It got rid of a couple dried urine spots on my carpet and let me tell you, it smelled horrific. I wanted to throw up. I was so embarrassed! To anyone who is skeptical about this, take it from me. It really works. If the spot/spots are really bad, it may need a second treatment. I had to hit one spot a second time because I just wanted to make sure. But trust me, before you go out and buy every product in the world, try this.

Toni,  NY, USA

My daughter came to stay and brought her CAT with her, my poor Whippet was panic stricken! She peed 3 times inside. I used your method with great success, no stains and no odour. I used a bio method on one of the stains, it was expensive and the stain is still there, so I will go over it again with the vinegar, 'carb soda and peroxide. Thank you so much. Saved much distress.

Vivien, Marino Rocks, SA, Australia.

This mixture is amazing. I used this a few times actually, in different areas of my home. This is my go to recipe and I've given it to some friends and they have as equal success. I used this in old stains (maybe a few weeks to a month..?) and i love it.

My dog, as well as my brothers dog was urinating in my sons room. For a while we had no idea. Then all if a sudden, BAM. That smell made your chest hurt when you would walk in. I'm talking eyes burning, son sleeping on the couch and his clothes hanging in my room stench, "OH MY GOD NO DONT OPEN THAT DOOR!!!" bad. I cannot even begin to describe the God awful, ammonia, gaggy AWFUL smell that created.

I have used my own personal (and very expensive) carpet cleaner that claims it's the best for pet stains (what pet stain they tested this on, I have no idea) but no, it never worked. I also used my mother in laws carpet cleaner.. Nope. I've paid a lot of money for professional cleaners to come in and try. Nothing. I've bought organic cleaners, swear by cleaners, pet stain/smell only cleaners, money back guaranteed cleaners, home made cleaners, as seen on tv cleaners, no soap, extra soap, half soap, I mean all of it. This mix was my last try. My next step was ripping out all the carpet and just starting all over.

But man oh man, has this been a miracle. Not only that, I had everything already at home. I did swing by the dollar tree and pick up 2 spray bottles. So, for $2.20, I was able to clean my sons carpet and he's right back in his room. It's incredible. Please, before you do anything more, use this. There is literally no smell. Well, besides boy funk, but whatever. You can't even tell there was ever dog urine ever in that room. It didn't come back later or anything. It's been about 3 months since my last use and there is still no smell. I'm actually using it now, since my girlfriends dog peed on my dining room carpet, waiting for the vinegar mix to dry. Anyways, good luck!

Jennifer R. Kent, WA USA

I used this on an 8X10 area rug as a last resort. I figured I could spend $8.00 and try or buy a new rug for $250+. It worked amazingly well and I went ahead and did the whole rug. After the first treatment, I could still smell one spot and did it a second time. The second time the smell was completely eliminated. I’m not sure why the dogs used this rug over the winter but I’m excited to see if the treatment stops the re-soiling.

Erica F. Minnesota US

So my basement flooded shortly after our new dog had a few accidents in the house. With the extra moisture the house was in horrible shape. One use of this remedy... Gone!! So grateful I stumbled onto this site.

Diane. St.Charles, MO

This works great! I am so excited. This truly saved my foam bed with eight air chambers. Pretty expensive bed. Thank you so much for this tip. I also used it on other furniture and my husband was happy with the results as well. He has a sensitive smeller and you made him very very happy!!!


Thank you so much for this solution. My lab puppy had an accident on the rug in the family room and I could not remove the odor with anything. I tried various pet store product and none of them worked. I found your solution and puff no more urine smell on the carpet. Thank you so much…


Awesome, awesome, so very awesome..!! Thank you so very much.. Best part is that I had previously cleaned the pet stain with a neutralizing cleaner but ran out so I didn't quite get the entire spot so the smell was still present.  All I did was steps 1 and 2 so far, just waiting for my carpet to dry then going to vacuum up the baking soda, yet the urine smell has been eliminated.. Will post an update afterward.. Thanks again for the great recipe..!!!


OMG thank you for posting this recipe for removing dog urine stains and odor. It really worked and saved me from ripping up my old carpet.

Britany.  Dallas, Texas

I love this recipe, I like to use a bit of fabric softener afterwards in my wet dry vac to freshen the carpet! Works like a charm!


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The horrible smell has gone!
My husband thought I had gone completely nuts but it does work!
I had tried numerous other products from the pet shop but this really sorted it out.
Bit fiddly but once you have got the hang of it o.k.

From Sally, UK

I can't even believe this worked !! It's great. I had all the stuff at home and that made it Better so I didn't have to go to the store. My room smells fresh again !!!!


Our dog had an 'accident’ on the mattress and I used the procedure you outlined. I agree with the other people: the stain and the smell came out as if it had not been there at all.

We didn’t have hydrogen Peroxide so I substituted with Preen – it worked a treat. Thanks.

Graeme, Townsville QLD, Australia

Great amazing results!  Thank you soooo much

I was ready to change a brand new carpet Due to the smell. The whole house smelt because of that room. I did the whole process and the results were amazing. Fresh smell not even a bit of urine smell.

Loly N 

Many thanks for your recipe. My elderly dog urinated on our brand new mattress because she couldn't jump to the floor. Your recipe worked. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Martha A 

Cannot believe it! This worked... I have tried everything... Thank you!

Teresia H 

Thank you for posting this! I just returned from a month-long vacation, the last week of which my 2 dogs started to get nervous and made quite a few messes in the dining room.

My dog sitter tried her best to clean them, but there was still a horrible smell when I got home. She used her steam cleaner and then I rented a Rug Doctor, but the smell was still noticeable.

After reading the testimonials for your formula, I decided it was worth a try. Let me tell you, it definitely worked. I even put my nose to the carpet and cannot smell any traces of doggies. I’m forever grateful!

As a side-note, I was cleaning my stove after frying some greasy food and I grabbed the spray bottle I made up of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn, and it made my stove look beautiful, cut right through the grease with ease! Thanks again!

Kathi B

Over the last year we have had two elderly dog sharing accidents in the house. We have tried everything for the smell. I never thought this would work. It smelled horribly of vinegar for an hour, but now when I walk in the house the dog urine smell is gone

Rob, Michigan.

I wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for this pet urine odor remover solution. After many (failed) attempts at removing my dog's pee odor from the carpet, with other pet products, I can honestly say that your method has become my go-to solution. 

I now keep 2 spray bottles, and the whole mix ready for when my dog has an accident.  Thank you so much for this miracle remedy! I cannot thank you enough!!

Michelle R. San Diego, California

My German housekeeper was quite annoyed with the fact that since I have just retired, I haven't tended to the awful stains on my carpet from my diabetic dog's accidents.  She told me that if I had a shop "wac" and some "winegar," I could get a lot of the stain up. 

I went online to verify her "recipe" and found your site and discovered the rest of the procedure.  Just the vinegar/water combo and my wet-dry shop vac did an awesome job. I have done the remaining steps on part of the carpet and I am so pleased! I love good results, particularly when I use natural products.

Vicki S  Leesville, Louisiana USA 

We recently moved into a home with installed carpeting. I have 4 dogs of my own, foster dogs, and pet-sit as well. Needless to say, within a very short time our carpets smelled horrible. All of my dogs are house trained, but fosters often come to me with no house skills, and dogs in an unfamiliar environment will have accidents as well.

I have a steam carpet cleaner, I have looked up other remedies, and also used an industrial enzyme cleaner (from my brother-in-law who works for a national carpet cleaning company) and there was one spot that continued to smell.

Every single day I came home, it was the first thing I smelled and it made me nuts.

Today, I couldn't take it any more. I was actually looking up prices for new flooring, and I was going to tear up the carpet. I figured that if I tore it up before my husband got home, we would have no choice but to replace it ;)

While online, I decided to look for home remedies one last time and decided to give it a try, since I had all of the ingredients at my house beside the peroxide. I did have powdered Oxy-clean so I used that and HOLY CRAP! It works. No more pee pee smell. I am seriously psyched and had to thank you. Yipee....

Elizabeth Z. Somers CT USA

A friend told me about this recipe and I tried it and no more odor or stains, thank you for the recipe

Amie.  Joliet, IL. USA

I have tried everything from renting rug doctor machines dozens of times with the "Pet Odor" soap, and buying expensive solutions from the pet store to remove pet odor- NOTHING worked... But this was my last resort and... IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE!!!  Even after just the first step of working vinegar & water into the spot & sucking it out with a wet vac- I couldn't believe that the horrible urine smell was already gone!

After completing all the steps, there's not a hint of urine smell anywhere!!!! I printed this recipe out & I have used it SO many times in the past few years and it always works!!! I recommend everyone try this BEFORE spending money on services or products that claim to fix the problem (but don't).. You will never go back!! I haven't!!!

Amelia C.  Palermo, Maine USA 



Thank you for sharing the recipe! No odor! No stain! And sooooo easy!

Yvette H.  Carson, California USA

Yep.. just used this method and it worked!  My dog and I thank you.

Lynn M. KC Missouri USA

This also works like a charm for doggy diarrhea too. My Rottweiler was very ill and had a huge mess on my white carpet! I was skeptical but had tried everything else that was OTC.  It was not a quick process but I was dealing with a large area. By the time I was done the stain was literally gone as well as the smell!! I do want to add that this poop mess had soaked in for several hours before I tried this. What can I say? I'm a very sound sleeper. It was the smell that actually woke me up!  This is my go to stain and smell remover from now on.

Tina, Wisconsin, United States

I am so grateful for this recipe. My cousin's dog "marked" the corner of my guest room mattress and I thought I was going to have to replace it.  But I tried this recipe and it worked like a charm.  No smell, no stain.  I am thrilled.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe.

Karen. Denver Colorado USA

Came across this AWESOME information while looking for products to remove the awful smell our dogs and cats left for us. We were very skeptical that this would work. We are so very happy to report, that we are so glad that we tried it. The room we treated was 14x22 it was a lot of work but the end product was even better then what I think a professional carpet cleaner would do. Thank you so much, the recipe saved our carpet and our pocket book.
Thank you bunches for sharing,

Candace M., Waterford M. USA 

We just moved and I piled linens, clothes, and "stuff" on the guest bed until I could sort it all. Apparently my chihuahua thought this was the new potty area and peed twice on the mattress!! I couldn't believe it. Your recipe totally worked!!! Thank you so much!

Daniella, Sun City, Arizona USA

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Wow. All I can say is, wow! I am amazed at how well this worked. I had given up hope on ever getting the urine smell from a large, expensive wool rug in our living room. It was dreadful no matter how many times we cleaned it, even with an industrial cleaning machine.  I cannot believe how fresh it smells now.  I wish I had found this years ago! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!

Jennie SC USA

Works like a effective. All natural and easy to find ingredients. Better than oxycarpet cleaners.


Your recipe totally worked. I had used vinegar and then baking soda on it once dry but it didn't remove it. Adding in the hydrogen and dish soap with it worked like a charm! And no harsh chemicals which I love.

Stephanie.  Meriden, CT/USA 

This is such a GREAT solution ! I used it for the first time last month and I was so surprised, the stain was completely removed !! Unfortunately I am using this process again today, lol. Thank you so much for this, I always have the products that it requires so works great for me! Quick, simple, and it really works


This solution was great! I had tried using a bleach-heavy bathroom cleaner (for lack of real bleach), which was probably unwise because dog urine has ammonia in it, and bleach+ammonia=toxic fumes. Then, when that didn't get the smell out, I tried Oxyclean laundry detergent, which also didn't work. Finally, I tried Febreeze for pets, which also did not work, but rather mixed the urine smell with the scent of "clean linen" or "bahamian sunset" or something ridiculous.

Then I decided to look online and see if there were any final options before I tossed my super comfortable (and pricey) mattress. And there was! I found this and tried it the very next day. I had to let my mattress dry in front of the balcony door for a day and a half, but the mattress is now dry and odorless! I've actually never written a testimonial, but this really saved me. :-) Thanks!

Courtney, Silver Spring MD USA


First and foremost, thank you for posting your so easy to understand, step by step instructions for removing pet urine from carpets.

We have 2 rescue dogs; the first one was 10 months old when we got him and very well potty trained so we've never had an accident with him. Then last October we added another rescue as a young new pup. Our carpeted hallway was the plug your nose zone.

I'm disabled so I had to pace myself but I went through every step you recommended. Other than one small area, which I'll go over again, our hallway is no longer littered with large, misplaced polka dots. :)

I tried other "pet carpet cleaning" products all to no avail. I found your site through Google.

I'm so thrilled and will treat any future accidents better. I always blotted with paper towels but not enough.

You have done a very good deed!

Thank you from all of my family,

Nancy Moore

It worked!!! Thank Goodness! I used it on my $1000.00 couch and am so glad I did no more smell.


Holy crap it works. I'm only on step 3 and can smell the huge difference.  I have a 6 month old pit/boxer mix and I can't smell a thing. Can't wait to finish the rest of the steps.!!! Wow.


I am very surprised that this remedy worked! I have bought the overpriced urine destroyer from pet stores and it didn't do anything for the smell. Instantly putting the solution down on the rug the smell was gone. It's very easy and very cheap to get. Thank you for a fresh clean rug!


Thank you for a remedy that works. Takes the stress out of living with an indoor dog's occasional accident.

Lyn (Australia)

I must say thank you for your article on removing per urine from a mattress! I just used it for the 4th time tonight and it worked like a charm! Following the instructions is simple, and leaves ABSOLUTELY NO SMELL!

Before finding this article, I had tried many other chemicals and remedies to remove dog pee from our mattress, all with no luck. I even used a carpet cleaning upholstery attachment which did not help at all. I have bookmarked this page and come here whenever my dog decides to pull her "mad at us" stunt. Anyone need a dog? :)



I am a pet sitter and have a $250 plus spot bot Machine that I use when my clients pets have accidents... This home remedy is BETTER! no joke, it's amazing! I have the most ridiculously sensitive nose and I'm telling you, on my hands n knees, face touching the carpet... NO ODOR remains... After the vinegar stage there was, so I was nervous, but once I put the peroxide /dish soap mix on the baking soda... IT WAS 100% GONE! The stain is gone too, on beige carpet! Yikes! Thank you times a thousand, you may have saved me a client! :-D

Alissa  Royal Oak, MI 

Thanks Zoe!

Can’t believe how well this worked. My dogs recently started peeing on the living room rug. No matter what I used or how many times I cleaned it, the smell would not come out. So, I was skeptical when I tried this recipe. I haven’t been able put the baby on the floor for a couple weeks now because I didn’t want her crawling around on pee. She has been miserable cooped up the playpen. I used your recipe with a steam cleaner, and then rinsed twice. Soooo much better! I can finally put the baby back on the floor to play.


I tried the commercial odor removal liquid with my carpet shampoo machine. Thought I got the smell out. Two days later the smell was back and very strong. I followed your instructions for cleaning and the carpet smells fresh! Unbelievable!!! This is brand new carpet and with the pet guard padding underneath, it literally is like new again! Thanks for saving the day!


Our dog shocked us my urinating on our real mattress futon. So, it was not cheap nor easy to clean, and by end of day (even after soaking) the urine had spread and absorbed through at least 1/4 of the mattress. We searched and searched for something to use; but nothing was getting the smell out, then we came across your Recipe. We immediately got to work, keep in mind it had sat for 2 days before we could do your recommend process.

IT WORKED!!! NO URINE SMELL, NO STAINING!! I could not believe it!! We must continue to mildly dampen the suede, then vaccum and blow dry with hair dryer, to get all of the baking soda residue off (brown suede); but that is a minimal task and was most likely due to the fact we didn't know exactly how much to use.

THANKS I will recommend to ALL my pet owner friends and family!!

Kia Henderson,


Trust me. It worked and I still can't believe it! No more professional cleaning for me. Whooohoooo!


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Thank you so much, this really works!!

David Heffernan

Thank you so much! It worked!


Hi Zoe!

We have Family coming for Thanksgiving and my Son's room smelled terrible! Our dachshund puppy had been peeing in his room while we were sleeping.
I used everything listed because I already had it at home, and today my carpets smell fresh and clean. I am pregnant, so I have a super sensitive sense of smell. I got on my hands and knees and sniffed the spots I treated and didn't even smell a hint of urine. I have book marked this page and will use it again :)
Thank you!!


I used 'Woolite stain remover with Oxy power' in lieu of Hydrogen peroxide and I cannot believe how well it worked! I'm super impressed!


I tried this method to clean an old stain that I was unable to clean with a commercial stain remover while the stain was still wet. It really works! And I already had all of the ingredients in the house. Thank you so much or this tip.


Thanks for the tip this will save me money it really works.

Bernard Bagienski


WOW! This is awesome! I had an area rug that my dog had urinated on. After cleaning, the smell was still terrible. I used my carpet steam cleaner and pet stain and odor cleaner. No improvement. The companion rug suffered the same fate over a year ago and after trying several different cleaners and many home remedies, I finally gave up and left it outside on the deck for the entire winter. In the spring, it still smelled! I threw it away. Finally, in a last ditch effort to save this one, I tried this. After applying the vinegar and drying it still smelled. I was really doubtful then, but after using the baking soda, peroxide and dish liquid........SUCCESS! It smells clean and fresh and wonderful. Who'd have thought it would work? But it does! AMAZING

Thank you so much for sharing this 'recipe' with the world!! I used the OxiClean laundry spray because I was too lazy to mix the hydrogen peroxide (I had a very large area that I had to work on) and it worked PHENOMENALLY! I will definitely be writing this one down and putting it in my book of home-based cleaning solutions!!

Christine M. McFetridge

I am amazed at the results of this! I have a dark colored carpet (dk. burgundy) and there was no fading, which I was most afraid of.


Just tried this and it really works! It completely removed the smell on carpet that had been repeatedly peed on. We got a dog from animal friends and when I went back to teaching she's been peeing in the corner area of my living room. It smelled like a kennel. All of the smell is gone!

Elena Cubellis

I have tried lots of methods without real success. This one worked and I have a very sensitive nose!
Thank you!

Wendy Smith

I used this recipe and I have four dogs and it worked! I couldn't believe it...smell was gone and it didn't smell odd like it does with store purchased products...thank you very much.

J MacComber

My 2 year old, expensive mattress was in bad, bad shape due to a major dog behavioral problem. How I wish I had taken a picture before I tried this recipe. But I didn't think it could possibly work given how bad my mattress was, so I didn't bother. It was (is!) a white mattress, and I figured there was no possible way I wouldn't have lingering odor or yellow stains. I wasn't even sure I would want to sleep on the mattress again even if it APPEARED to be clean. But I figured this was worth a try before spending money on a new mattress - what did I have to lose? Those stains were weeks old and long dry by the time I had a free weekend to try this recipe. And work it did - no stains, no residual odor, nothing! How bad was my mattress? I followed the instructions to the letter and used 1.5 gallons of vinegar (3 gallons when mixed with water), almost 2 bottles of hydrogen peroxide, a lot of dish soap and one giant box of baking soda (2 lbs?) I put a 10 x 12 plasatic tarp under the bed to protect my hardwood floors in case liquid spilled through. It took me several hours to do the steps, plus 1.5 days and 2 large fans to dry. But it worked. IT WORKED!! THANK YOU so very much for posting this!


Wow it worked thank you. I nearly resorted to buying a new carpet.


This is amazing! I felt like I had tried everything (including buying a steam cleaner) and not one thing I tried worked! Thank you so much for sharing! I was going crazy!

Constance Taylor

It doesn't smell anymore and I think it may be preventing my pup to repeat soiling on the carpet. This is just amazing and I won't go back to store brought brands ever! Thank you for the tip!


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Thank you SO MUCH for the pee-in-carpet remover recipe

It worked AMAZINGLY! I was ready to rip up the new carpet and throw it away but the smell is totally gone.

I am just so grateful to you.


Thank you so much!!!!! You saved my carpet and this family loves you for that. I've tried every cheap to expensive cleaner out there. From enzyme cleaner to my Bissell steam vac to spot resolve the problem.

The stain was gone but never the smell. For the last two summers the urine smell would weep through on the muggy days and I couldn't take it anymore. Every month I was cleaning trying to get the smell out on those muggy days. Frebreeze and all. I was ready to get new carpet until my friend told me about this site.

I had everything in my house but decided to buy more since I like to always have these items stocked up. When I bought all of it my total was 5 bucks! Dirt cheap. I don't know if it gets the stains out because the stain was gone from me steam vacuuming it but I do know THE SMELL IS GONE!!!! HASNT COME BACK!!! the area smells cleaner than the rest of the surrounding area!!!!!!

Don't waste your money on products that say they get out the smell. Do this!!!! You wont regret it and your carpet wont smell like urine or vinegar it smells...fresh and is staying fresh

Dawn, Michigan

This totally works! Our 12 year old greyhound had become urine incontinent when sleeping and by the time we realized, our brand new carpet had numerous urine spots. My husband was to the point of wanting to replace huge sections when I found your recipe. We tried a small spot and it was immediately obvious it worked! We ran out that night to buy more supplies to do more areas. I am so grateful to have found this. Thank you, thank you!!

Jim and Donna, Tucson, AZ

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My dog had peed multiple times in the second bedroom and walk-in closet unbeknownst to me, until it was too late and the rooms reeked as soon as humid summer weather set in. I had the carpets professionally cleaned, which didn't work at all. Then I attempted to clean them myself with Hydrocide (doesn't work) and a grocery store carpet cleaning machine. Everything left the rooms smelling worse in the end. Trying this recipe was my last ditch effort before replacing the carpets. It was a lot of work, but what a relief!! Plus, using a scrub brush de-fuzzes the carpet and leaves it looking new again.....

Thanks again, for posting this life-saver,


I just wanted to say thank you for putting this remedy online. I have spent the last 2 weeks steam cleaning my carpet the smell was so bad. The area I cleaned is about 5 by 3 ft and I couldn't get any over the counter products to work.  Your remedy worked fantastic I could tell before I had even finished.

Tracey Kraft

Instantly, after going through all the steps the room smelled fresh. Thank you for posting this, I thought I was stuck with that odor forever

Francine Powell

Goodness me, old fashioned know how. THANK YOU! This recipe saved my cream carpet from my 12 week old Rotti pup, 11 year old Shepherd x Rotti and 13 year old Cavaliers' accidents on the carpet!

I now keep a spray bottle of the mixture at hand for small accidents so I can get them straight away!

Initially I actually used this recipe on 1 & 1/2 meter square patch of carpet that had been repeatedly weed on. Even though I had used store bought solutions nothing worked to remove the stain or smell! I was to the point of pulling up my carpet and buying new flooring and lounge as my poor old Cavalier wet herself in her sleep whilst sleeping on the lounge! This very simple solution WORKS! A bit of elbow grease and time is all that is needed!

Thank you Zoe! From a very thankful pet owner!

Deb Lang, NSW - Australia!

Thank you. That was amazing I followed your instructions to the letter. I really didn't think I could get the stain out of my white mattress especially as it wasn't fresh, but it did, she is a very skittish little dog who is trained but sometimes gets afraid, she must have been hiding on my bed and she went on the sheet, so it went right through the mattress cover on to the mattress.

Thank you again for the tip.

Kathryn, British Columbia, Canada

I can't tell you how many over the counter products I have used on a fairly new rug to remove a dog urine smell in my son's room.

After using these products it would smell good that day but by the next morning the smell was back.

When I found your remedy I was skeptical.

I was amazed, truly amazed at how wonderful this works. It has been about a month and the smell has never returned.

I am so grateful for this home remedy. Thank you so much I will recommend this site to everyone I know with dogs.

Gloria Alleman

AMAZING!!! Okay so my dog urinated on a white carpet in a house that is being rented by me, right before we were getting ready to move out!!!

The urine was fresh and in my mind the best thing to do was soak the area with water and then suction it up with a wet vac. Can I say, that was the worst thing I could have done! The urine spread to a much larger portion of the carpet along with the smell. After cleaning the area again and again (even with my Kirby Sentria system), a huge yellow very smelly stain set in to the carpet. I was desperate and went online to find a carpet cleaning company that I could hire to get the stain and smell out when I came across your website. I am glad to say I tried the remedy and the stain did come out and it smells much better. I do think I will have to apply the remedy one more time to a small area I did not scrub well with the Vinegar/Water Solution the first time around, but overall, THE REMEDY WORKS! Thank God for people like you who find something that works and are willing to share it with people like me!

Melanie Jones

Cannot begin to tell you what a lifesaver the recipe for urine is! My mother is coming to town and I found the dog has been using the spare room as a potty. After doing that room I did the whole house! Smells great and worked far better than I ever dreamed! Thank you!


Thank you so much for this recipe. I had recently left town for a couple of days and when I returned home past midnight, I discovered that my dog had peed on my pillow and mattress. This was the first time he had done this, and I'm guessing it's because of separation anxiety. Anyhow, I cleaned the mattress but the odor refused to go away, so I googled how to get rid of the odor and bacteria, and found your recipe. My mattress is still not completely dry, but I can tell that the smell has gone away. I am so glad you put this up. Thank you.

Ishita, India

Yes, it does work! My home was so bad because of my sweet old girl just couldn't find her way outside. No one was allowed in. A couple of her old spots I wasn't aware of needed repeating but no problem for me. If I could have half the money back I've blown trying to achieve the same thing, I would be happy. You do need to be liberal with the vinegar and water. Flood it if you need to just make sure the liquid goes everywhere the urine has. I mean through carpet into pad. I wish the people taking our money could be held accountable. I had every ingredient to get started in my cabinets. Just in case of a repeat I make sure everything is at hand. It's so easy and inexpensive and IT WORKS. Thank you to whoever came up with it!!

Debra Kemp

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I have tried everything to get out the smell! I have spent a ton of money on products that never really got the smell out, they just seemed to mask the odor for a little. This recipe removed the odor completely. I am so thrilled I found it!I have given it to all my other friends and family with pets!!!

Lindsey Hodge

I was skeptic at first but figured why not try it since I already had all the ingredients in my house. Simply amazing!!!! I will vouch for this to all my friends that have a dog. It costs a fraction of a steam cleaner, resolve treatment or new carpet! Why wouldn't you try this????

Best Regards,
Mike Yurasek

I am an owner of a dachshund puppy and she decided to make under the bed of our new house her urine playground. I discovered multiple urine stains under the bed, some very old and thought we would have to get new carpet. I'm usually skeptical of online remedies but decided to try this and it worked! I'm so happy! Thank you!

Michaela Sempek

Thank you soooo much!!! It worked so well and now I don't walk into my house and smell dog urine. Such a relief! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

David Dye

You're wonderful! Can't believe how great it worked. Thanks so much!

Rick Saunders

This is simply amazing!!!! I live in a tiny apartment and the smell was getting awful. I had to do a larger area so I used quite a bit of product. I was worried the hydrogen peroxide would stain my carpet but it didn't.

I wish I knew about this months ago! Now I'm keeping everything on hand in case it happens again!

Kayla Lange

Ok so I was a little desperate, my dog took offense to my being on vacation for a week and a half (apparently 7 days is the maximum approved time) and peed on my mattress. I cleaned up but not enough for the dog so he peed again. I found your recipe on line and figured it could not hurt so I tried it. It worked like a miracle I can not see any stain (and this one is set a bit). Thanks!!!


I would like to thank you for this amazing remedy! I have two male dogs that were having a marking war in my living room and I like everyone else here had used countless products to get rid of the smell to no avail. The final straw was today when I cleaned my carpets and could smell nothing but the urine smell in that area. Then I looked up "natural home remedies for pet stains" and came up with your website. The solution of peroxide and dish detergent on top of the baking soda hasn't even dried yet and my house smells WONDERFUL again. I will no longer be embarrassed to have people over to hang out!!

Albuquerque, NM

AMAZING!! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!! Worked like a charm. Our 12 year old blind shiz tzu has always had her favorite places, and I've been embarrassed to have company over at times. We bought a wet vac but the solution that was recommended to us never eliminated the odor. This took some time but was totally worth it!!!

Ashley Stephens

Thank you so much for this recipe! I cannot believe it worked!! I was so embarrassed by the smell that I had 3 Glade Plug Ins in my living room to cover it. I encourage everyone to use this recipe before giving up your carpet and/or beloved pet. Be patient and let the ingredients work their magic!!! Using a Sham Wow to blot the liquids; works like a charm. Follow up with a wet/dry vac or carpet cleaner for the remaining liquid.

Thanks again!

Christine from Wisconsin

My husband bought me brand-new carpet this past year and my dog has found a spot that she is very fond of. unfortunately I have tried every pet cleaner and odor eliminator spray you can imagine but still the smell remained. So you can imagine how upset he was at this. I tried this method and I am absolutely amazed with the results!!! It not only took out the stain but completely eliminated the odor!!! This method not only saved my carpets but also save me money. I will never again buy a pet cleaner spray again!


I had not only a problem with our dog marking our couch but recently my husband was ill and lets just say i thought we would have to buy a new mattress due to the throw up smell. This worked amazingly even on that! Got rid of the smell and the stain completely! Seldom do i ever compliment someone on such a great solution, but thank you!

Holly, North Dakota

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I spent my whole weekend cleaning my family room carpet with a carpet cleaning machine, about 3-4 times. Today it STILL smelled like urine. I tried the recipe and it worked GREAT. I put the vinegar/water mixture in my machine and went over the stinky area. My carpets are pretty dry after the machine sucks all the water up so I went right to the next step and a few hours later I am crawling around on my hands and knees trying to find the urine smell but it is nowhere to be found!!!! : )


I used your recipe to remove our dog urine from our mattress. Your recipe is amazing. It removed the smell almost instantly.  It only took an hour and there was no mess. I used a spray bottle to wet the urine areas with both solutions and it worked perfectly. Thanks again,


Just used this yesterday for the horrendous smell and it worked wonderfully. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kim Welch

This absolutely works! I had several spots on our carpet where our lab had accidents and the problem is that we didn't notice until the urine had dried! The smell was the issue-there was no stain as our carpet hides stains very well.  I tried using our carpet steam cleaner several times and it seemed the more wet I got the carpet the worse the smell would become. I tried using pet carpet spray and then using the steam cleaner to no avail.  I was about ready to tear up the carpeting until we came upon this solution.  I used it once and the smell on all 3 spots is completely gone! I did use more baking soda than called for but other than that I followed the recipe exactly. 

Thank you!
Lisa Loesel
Frankenmuth, MI

I just tired this recipe and it worked!!!! My dog has a "pee problem" but we still love him; we're renting and the carpet has become a mess. This recipe worked and I recommend it to my father as well. Thank you so much! I had been doing everything including using my Bissel Carpet Cleaner which only made it smell more like urine when I was cleaning - gross! The vinegar can be a little over powering before you blot, I opened my window a bit for ventilation but other than that it worked great. I used it over LARGE areas but from now on, I'll spot treat when I notice a spot.

Sarah R.
Litchfield Park AZ

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This really works! It started working even before it completely dried. It also took out other stains that had been there for years! Do not waste your money on pet odor and stain removal products from the store! This is an inexpensive way to take care of the issue. Thank you!!

Laura L.
Texas, U.S.A

This works unbelievably well! I came home from work to find that my 80 pound yellow lab. had an accident on our King size, pillow-top mattress. She is very old and must have totally unleashed on the bed while she was napping. I thought, for sure, the bed was doomed. I checked the internet for some how-to advice and came across this article. I was very skeptical that this would work, but decided I had nothing to lose, especially since it only needed readily available house-hold ingredients. It worked amazingly well! Since the area was so big, I ended up using 3/4 cup of peroxide with 3 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. Other than that, I followed the instructions very closely. I tried to blow dry the mattress at the end, but decided to leave it overnight and wait until morning to vacuum the powder that was left behind. Worked like a charm!!

Kim Tran

OMG!!!! IT REALLY WORKED!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much for this remedy. Like many other people, I've spent a good amount of money on many other products that claim to work but neither has got the stains COMPLETELY removed!! I
just finished putting the baking soda on the carpet and my my my, this is great. Thank you once again for sharing

Vy Pham

I would never say something worked unless it actually did, and I honestly can't believe HOW well this worked! The smell is totally gone and the stain has disappeared! I have looked for years for carpet cleaners, even buying special pet cleaners for carpet and upholstery but when it comes to urine it just never would go away, not even when I would completely steam clean the carpets. This recipe is absolutely amazing! I will be sharing this with family and friends. Thank you SO much!
Brandon M. Thompson
Sanford, FL

I am surprised but this works great. Our sweet dog has been having accidents in our living room and the smell was so bad. I tried everything but it seemed to make it worse. This recipe is cost effective, easy and works! After one time the smell was gone. I would try this.......what do you have to loose except the smell.

Derrick De Boom

I am SOOO glad I found this! My one year old mini schnauzer started acting out and possibly just marking his territory and soaked my daughter's BRAND NEW twin sized mattress! I thought it was trashed since the urine was dry already but decided to give this a try due to the great reviews. Let me tell you, this mattress has ZERO stains and ZERO smells! In fact, it smells better than it did when it was delivered from the furniture store! It smells as if I washed it in the washing machine and line dried it LOL! I followed these instructions exactly and was amazed at the results! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!



I want to thank you for the recipe to get rid of cat urine and odor. After I went on vacation I was welcomed back by my cat by the smell of cat pee. I finally found out where it was and tried to clean it with vinegar like someone said to. That did not help at all. After searching the internet I found your site and I am so surprised! After one application on dried urine I was amazed! Thank you so much....

Asheville, NC

I am totally amazed how well this worked. The process was quick and easy. The smell is totally gone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Shaffer

Just wanted to write and thank you for this recipe. My husband and I have been at our wits end trying all sorts of expensive cleaners that didn't work or made the smell worse. I decided to give this recipe a try as a last resort and it worked wonders! No smell left at all! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Olivia, UK

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This recipe for cleaning and removing pet urine and odor was simple, and effective. I have a female dog about eight years old who has been potty trained for years but sometimes she just has to go and the puddles are huge; she weighs about 40lbs. It took me about thirty minutes to scrub the carpet but it was well worth my time. The carpet looks like new and smells fresh. Thank you so much!

This is a great recipe! It is the ONLY one that works! We have thrown out several rugs prior to finding this! Thank you SO much!

Toni D'Acquisto

Just wanted to say Thank you, I tried many expensive alternatives first and cannot believe the results from your recipe!!! Thanks for  sharing.

Melanie from Michigan

I want to tell you thank you for your reference. It has saved yet another mattress in your global campaign of catalogical knowledge. It worked beautifully, if only the rest of my mattress didn't look like crap now next to the sparkling white clean zone. Thanks for the website full of great stuff and thanks for having a link to the recipe that saved my pillow-top today from clear across the world. It was spot on. :)

Boise ID

THANK YOU SO MUCH . I thought my mattress was a goner, I had tried those enzymes cleaners no such luck, so I decided to go on Google, after a long search I came across your article. WOW !!!!! IT DOES WORK. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT AND YOU GAVE IT FREE thank YOU . I am going to let every one I know. Every one who reads this , save your money go to the dollar store and for 5 dollars of ingredients, You too can  save your  mattress, OK ok a little of elbow grease but look at the alternative, Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars or just 5 bucks well that's it for me thank you again . IT WORKS PEOPLE IT REALLY WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!


I seldom use the word awesome to describe anything unless it truly is, and your recipe is AWESOME. We are in the midst of moving, and I was worried sick about the little bit of cat urine odor in the house. I found your recipe, tried it in an inconspicuous place, and I could not believe it. I don't know why anyone would ever spend money unnecessarily on a bunch of spray products that really don't work and smell terrible.

Thanks a million from Arizona,


Thanks. It worked for me, too. Our dog is getting incontinent with age and she had a little accident on our bed.
I followed the recipe exactly, using a hairdryer to dry the mattress after the application. I didn't think the hair dryer would work, but it did and our mattress smells great and it's dry enough to sleep on.

Adrienne Crombie
New Jersey

Thanks Zoe!
You saved our cat's life, and our carpet. I was distraught thinking of losing my beloved kitty as my husband had had enough of the urine smell, but thanks to your recipe, the carpet smells fresh and my husband's frustration has turned to joy and I am feeling relieved. A million thanks to you for sharing this recipe.
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

O THANK YOU VERY MUCH I have Two Boxers and One Beagle and they have been having a Urine War over this one area on the carpet. I have tried 409 carpet cleaner and other carpet cleaners for pets but the smell and the stain has never seem to go away. I had been spending around 40 dollars a month on cleaners. The dogs always smell it and then pee on it again. I found this recipe online and tried it. The first time the Stain and Odor on the bottom of the carpet was gone. I did it on the top of the carpet and the Odor was gone too. I placed the baking soda on the floor and on the rug. I let the rug dry completely and the dogs back in the house. They never went on the area of the rug again. Thank you very much. You helped save me money on cleaners and time spent cleaning.

Cassandra, From Kentucky, USA

One of my cats didn't take to our move into our BRAND NEW house straight away and decided to pee in the one room that was carpeted and had no doors. The Theatre Room. OMG my partner was not impressed so one night when he was out I googled Cat urine on carpet and look what I found...MY SAVIOUR...this is the best recipe eva!!! many thanks for saving my cat and stopping the whinging from my partner :)

This really works, I have never posted anything but I couldnt wait to comment on this.

Cheers and many thanks Sarah, Australia, Perth

Hello fellow cat people!
I don’t usually take the time to review stuff like this, but this has been absolutely amazing!! We got brand new carpet literally less than a week ago, and one of my neutered, 14-year-old boys decided it was too much for him (he is generally timid and anxious) and began “anointing” it!!! Ahhh! As soon as I discovered what was happening, I desperately googled “cat urine removal” and stumbled upon this recipe. OMG!!!!! NO MORE SMELL!! I mean NONE!! The carpet smells a bit of soap (not offensive at all), but even the feel of it is normal again – no more sticky, yucky, cat-pee feeling under hand or foot!! This was inexpensive, nonstaining, and generally AWESOME! If this is an issue for you, please do try this, especially if you are considering re-homing your beloved pet as a last solution.
This really, really works!!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH Zoe!!

Nicole, Minnesota, USA

Wow. Worked superb. Many years ago I worked part time for a carpet cleaner and your method does as good a job as anything we did professionally. Nice! Thanks!

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Hello, Zoe,

I saw your tip on getting rid of that cat urine smell with paper towels,
vinegar, baking soda and dishwasher fluid and tried it with a little
scepticism. It worked great! I dried my mattress in the sun and now
there is no smell at all!

Thank you so much for the tip,
Roshan George

WOW! I thought my daughter's futon mattress was headed for the trash pile. I decided to give this recipe a try, nothing to lose. I am so pleased. I followed the directions exactly, but used a carpet spot cleaner to extract the excess water and vinegar. No odor left!!!!

I'm going to tell all my pet lover friends about this.

Thanks again.

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Count me in as a skeptic turned believer. I have had cats for 20 yrs and I think I've tried every "cat urine remover" on the market, to no avail. The other day one of the cats got locked upstairs overnight and she peed on my daughter's bed -- which had no mattress cover. My first thought was, oh my God, I'm going to have to throw away her mattress. I quickly googled my problem and came upon this solution. There was a lot of cat pee on the mattress and I had my doubts....but this WORKS! I have tried all of these products on cat urine at various times, but never together like this method. I am astounded that I can't smell one iota of cat pee. I put the mattress on the floor and really stepped on those towels (used them instead of paper towels)...probably went through 6 towels and worked up quite a sweat jumping on them! But I am totally amazed: no odor. Before you buy a bunch of products that don't work, try this. You probably have all the ingredients on hand.

I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never written a testimonial, but I feel like you deserve my time and thanks.

A friend of the family was kind enough to let me use her house while I searched for a job up North. I left a house down South, but brought my perfectly behaved dog and cat with me on my journey. They’re my children, I can’t live without them.

I had to make a quick trip home to check on my house and take care of some other business. I would be gone three days. My sister took my dog and, as usual, I left food and water for my lazy but lovable cat, with instructions for a neighbor to come by and check on him one of those three days. I had no concerns, it’s what I do every time I travel. Granted I’m in a strange house, but I figured they always travel with me, and always without incident, so why should I worry.

Well, my cat decided he didn’t like the new set-up and not only pooped on the down comforter and sheets, but peed, twice, on the mattress. I was in complete shock. I wouldn’t care if my cat had given me his version of the finger if it hadn’t been on someone else’s mattress. I was panicked. I searched for an answer - any answer. I stumbled onto your site. I figured, what the hell?

So, I mixed and poured, blotted and scrubbed, all the while cursing my cat and wondering how I would replace the mattress. I let the baking soda peroxide goo dry and paced the house. Twenty minutes later, I crept back into the room, holding my breath and suddenly very religious, praying out loud. I leaned down, put my nose as close as I dared to the mattress and with my eyes closed, sniffed. WHAT?!?!?!? Impossible! All I smelled was clean. It had worked!!!! Praise anything and everything, it worked!!! I was saved!!!

Your magic recipe did the trick. I really can’t believe it. I ’m singing your praises as I blow dry the mattress. Thanks you so, so much. Amazing!!


This recipe is amazing.
One of my cats peed in the inner lining of my best suitcase -- I was on the verge of throwing it out (the suitcase, that is).

Several repeats of this procedure cleaned it entirely--I was able to use it for my trip to Milan--it was as if nothing had happened.

It's very rare that my cats urinate outside the litter box, but I now keep  this clean-up kit in the house for handling these situations when they do arise.

thanks a million!


Zoe, I can't begin to thank you enough. After my boyfriend flew across the country to come and see me I found that my 2-year-old male did not take kindly to "his place" in the bed being taken. I was horrified when he chose urinating all over my mattress as his way to express his displeasure. Needless to say I was so embarrassed that I didn't know what to do. I couldn't (and still can't) afford to spend $20 on some spray from the pet store that may or may not work. The bed was stuck smelling like cat pee for days. Then I found your magic recipe and I'm glad to say my boyfriend and I can sleep in my bed again without being assaulted by the rancid smell. You may have saved my relationship! I'm telling all my friends with cats about this. Thank you so much!!!

   Grateful in Colorado Springs, CO.

Thank you so much for posting this information. You saved our new mattress: a week ago, we came home to our new mattress soaked with cat urine. Ugghh... we tried Odor Ban and it just masked the issue for a couple of days. We searched the web and came across your home remedy of vinegar/ water and then baking soda followed by peroxide.

We applied the treatment three times and we can not believe how well it worked. The odor is gone.

Thank you so much!

Sunni and Dave Mullinax
Paso Robles, CA

I am so impressed. I spent almost $100 on a variety of products that claim to do the trick, but only modestly worked at best.

About a month ago, we had new carpet installed. Our cat, who has no history whatsoever of peeing other than in his litter box, decided he was going use our new carpet as his NEW litter box. It wasn’t long before the odor became overwhelming, but we couldn’t see where he was doing it. I bought a small black light at the pet store, as a black light makes cat pee illuminate. I was horrified to see that he had gone in at least a dozen places.

Out of desperation, I tried your recipe. Wow. At first, the odor got a little worse. The smell became stronger after the vinegar and water application, so I became discouraged, but finished using the peroxide and dish soap as instructed. Once dry, there was absolutely no odor. It was completely gone. Totally.

I have an appointment with the vet this morning to see if there’s anything physically wrong. In the meantime, I have sprinkled all the affected areas with white pepper, as I heard that it’s a deterrent for reoffending. I hope it’s true.

I just want to thank you for posting this recipe. There is no need for people to spend crazy amounts of money on products that don’t work. This method is inexpensive and effective. Thank you so much.

Karen Cormack,

Waterloo, Ontario Canada

I just wanted to tell you that my female cat jumped up on my new white sofa and urinated.  I was frantic. I tired some odor remover products that were available in the stores. Nothing worked. As soon as the sofa would dry, the smell came back. It was awful and she had actually not gone a lot. I searched the internet and found your website and saw the home remedy for odor removal...I was shocked!  It cleaned the sofa and NO MORE SMELL!  I was so afraid of what would happen after I had drizzled the peroxide and dish detergent over the baking soda and rubbed it in .  My fabric is micro suede, and it sure looked pretty bad.  Well when it was dry and I vacuumed the spot the sofa looked brand new. You can not tell the difference between the cushion that was soiled and the other cushion. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RECIPE! 

Joyce, Pennsylvania

THANK-YOU with a capital T. Our cat was inadvertently locked in our lounge room and she urinated on the carpet right next to the couch! The SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! In desperation I tried this- our carpet is old Axminster with a a horse hair or wool underlay. I kept the area wet with a damp towel until I could get all the ingredients. As it was winter I dried it out completely at the end by standing a column heater over it.

It all worked....NO MORE smell.

Can't thank you enough!!
Anne-Marie, South Australia

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your article on getting cat urine out of mattresses (and carpets).

My son moved in temporarily and brought his cat with him, which caused my other three to freak out and two of them started spraying on our front room sofa and our office futon! It was just awful... I mean really AWFUL, and to make it worse, my husband discovered it when he set his work equipment down on the sofa!

I found your web site and your process for getting rid of the pee-pee smell. I have to admit I was a bit doubtful that such simple household supplies would do the trick, but I have tried to many proprietary cleaners that have not, I figured I should let 'nature' try its best. I got home from work and followed your directions, starting with the 50/50 vinegar and water mix, the mopping up, then the baking soda, wait 15 minutes, then the peroxide with (DAWN) dish soap and a slight working in. I was a little afraid, since the futon mattress was black and process left a big white, baking soda marking all over the cover.

 The next morning, when it had dried, I vacuumed the whole thing and it came right up!!! No staining, no discolorations, and YES!! THE SMELL WAS COMPLETELY, COMPLETELY GONE! My husband said it smelled like brand new. I also used this on an area of the carpet that was a bit of a mess, and it too was fixed! I can't thank you enough for helping me! I'll never use another store-bought product for cleaning ever again! If someone out there is reading this post, wondering if they should try the mattress/carpet cleaning process..... YES!!! DO IT! IT REALLY WORKS! Thank you again!!!

Patti, Southern California

The recipe for dog and cat urine removal works incredibly well. I had a huge area due to our elderly, incontinent dog. We must have missed one of the very last accidents so it sat untreated for a few months. While cleaning carpets the smell was released. It was awful. I cleaned it and cleaned it. Nothing worked, not even the heavy duty pet store dog urine cleaner. The recipe on this site worked really well. I had to use it with my carpet because of the large area and that worked well. It take a long while to rinse out the dish soap a couple of weeks later but it was worth it!

"You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it."
Albert Einstein

Lois K. Punton



Last night the wind blew the bedroom door shut, and my 14 year old cat was unsuccessful in communicating his need to exit .

I awoke at 2 a.m. to the odor of cat urine, staggered to my computer, and found your website.
I have an almost new pillow top mattress.
Much to my amazement, your home remedy appears to have worked like magic (albeit, it took more than a wave of my hand to enact).

I do believe that for a few pennies of non toxic , readily available household products that were already on hand, my mattress has been spared, not to mention the remainder of the cat's few lives.

You have my undying gratitude.


Just wanted to say "KUDO'S & HALLELUJAH!!" to this site for the homemade recipe for getting out cat urine smell out of carpet!  We are in the process of selling our house, the carpet is only 2 years old and there were two places in our carpet that one of our cats urinated in but I didn't find it til it was dry. I could not get the odor out of even after using two bottles of commercial pet odor eliminator and various other "homemade" remedies. I was very skeptical about trying another homemade remedy but decided to give yours a try. I could not believe my nose after I vacuumed it up!! AMAZING!! Yes, I honestly stuck my nose in the carpet and took a big whiff.....NOTHING! No smell what-so-ever!!

I was almost convinced that we were going to have to put new carpet in before trying this recipe. I have since given this recipe to a couple of my friends that have cats and our realtor asked if she could have it in case there were any of her future clients that had the same problem.

So I wanted to thank you for putting this on your site.
It saved me about $1500.00 in new carpet!

My realtor said that she had 6 couples go through our house during the "OPEN HOUSE" on Sunday and four of them commented on how "fresh & clean" the house smelled. I attribute that mostly to that recipe. I am wondering if it will work on a concrete garage floor. I think I am going to try it.

Kelly Schwindt
Albany, Indiana

OMG, This recipe really worked...I no longer can smell the terrible odor of cat urine,

Thank you for sharing this information....

Tracy from Va in USA

I'm sold!!  I was beside myself when our kitties were accidentally locked out of their litter area while we were out of town and used our brand new carpet.  I had tried a couple of products, but there was still a smell.  I used your method on the area.  It clearly made a difference, though I thought I still caught lingering whiffs.  We were planning to pull up the carpet and treat the pad (or replace that section) but in recent days, the smell is gone.  It had been humid too, so I don't quite understand what happened.

We had another problem area.  My son's kitty sprayed a hiking backpack I had loaned him.  I used a well recommended commercial product, but it still smelled.   I used "the formula" and it is completely gone! After the H2O2/baking soda had done their work, I hosed everything off to rinse and hung it to dry in the sun.  It is like new! Yaaaay!!!

Thank you so much for putting up this site.  It would have saved us a lot of money had we seen it first!  I have shared it with the professional pet sitting service we use...they were grateful.


HALLELUJAH, Finally a method the works !!!. Our cat has a bad habit of urinating on a shoe mat at the front of the house, from time to time. On occasion, his aim is right on the money, and a shoe has been forever "marked". He even had the nerve to mark a $200 pair of running shoes that I own. Needless to say, I was willing to spend some $$ to remove the nauseating urine smell from my shoes. Nothing worked 100%. I also must have tried half a dozen other home recipes. Again, nothing worked 100%. Then something really BAD happened. The cat marked my wife's favorite pair of walking shoes. For some reason, even though it was the cat that urinated on my wife's shoes, I was "charged" with the crime. Needless to say, I was "motivated" to expend my search for a 100% method to remove cat urine odor. I ran across your recipe this morning and gave it a try. After a few hours of running though the process, my wife's shoes are now 100% urine odor free!. Truly amazing results. I'll be bring my $200 shoes back to life in the next few days.

Thanks again

Andy Rauer
Toronto, Canada

A couple of nights ago, I discovered that my roommate’s cat urinated in my bed. The event and my discovery occurred before I went to bed, I was furious and I don’t think my roommate has ever seen me as angry as I was in the 25 years we have known each other.. (We went to college together).

Anyways, once I stopped belting out colorful metaphors to describe what I thought of the cat, I immediately searched online for a remedy, and your thread appeared. With nothing to lose, I immediately acted to gather up the ingredients to follow your directions to the letter. I was SO IMPRESSED that the disgusting cat urine smell and stains were completely removed off of my mattress. When I returned the mattress back to my sleeping pleasure,  I smelled every spot to check, double and triple check, and there was no evidence of any damage from the cat.

Thank you for putting that advice up on the internet for all to see.

Your remedy worked flawlessly!

Sincerely, Jay

I followed the recipe to the letter. The mattress was clean and fresh the next day!....Thank-you. 

Becky and Fred  VA. USA

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I can not even begin to count how much I have spent on products to get the smell out of my carpets and furniture. I will definitely spread the word to all of my friends who have cats. Thank you so much! Now I can invite people over without worrying the house smelling like cats.


Worked like magic!  I used natures miracle from the pet supply. It did nothing.


Hi.  I just wanted to thank you for your home remedy for cat urine odor removal.  I have spent a small fortune on products that supposedly have an enzyme in them that attacks the odor.  Every time I use one of these, the smell actually gets worse.  Yesterday I decided to try your recipe and today the smell is gone. Thank you again for a great recipe!!!!!


I LOVE cats! Thank you so much for the free urine removal recipie. It works better than anything else I have ever tried and is much less expensive. My life would have been so much easier had I known this 20 years ago!

Thanks again,
Edmond, OK

Dear Zoe,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your homemade recipe to get the cat pee out of my mattress!!! You are absolutely fabulous! I discovered the stain when I went to wash my bed sheets today - oh I was so upset! I thought I'd have to get a new mattress, but this seems to be working fabulously so far. I'm just about to sweep the baking soda off the mattress. If you're looking for a quicker way to dry the mattress, I have a hairdryer on warm laying on the mattress, pointed at the wet area. I keep checking it to make sure it's not hot, and it's fine so far. Good for people on the go!

Thank you again for your wonderful solution - it just saved me the price of a new mattress!

Take care,

I couldn’t believe how well this worked! My dog did a big urine stain on our bed (we went away, apparently she wasn’t happy!), and I didn’t think I would be able to clean it myself. This morning I followed your steps, using Napisan Oxy Action to replace the Hydrogen Peroxide (as suggested). I left the ceiling fans on high in the bedroom all day to dry the mattress, and have just vacuumed the rest of the baking soda off. To my complete surprise, NO STAIN OR SMELL!

Thank you so much for your hint. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the smell & stain out and would have to replace our VERY expensive latex mattress!

Kind regards,
Debbie (Brisbane, Australia)

Thank You! I left my cat in while away for a few days. He apparently was not happy about being left. He did not use his litter box once and used my living room carpet by the window. My house reeked when I got home. I bought commercial cleaner and it did nothing. I can put my nose down in the carpet with your remedy and can't smell the urine. Thank you I thought I was going to have to replace my carpet.


Thank You!  I own three cats and have never had a problem with them going to the bathroom outside the litter box.  To my disbelief, what I though would never occur happened in a spare bedroom.  I knew about the water and vinegar part. I tried that and it just made the room along with the entire upstairs wreak of vinegar for a few days, then that awful cat smell came back!  I have been battling the smell for weeks, obsessing over new ways to rid it.  Overcome and starting to wonder if we would have to replace the carpet, I went online to find a cure.  It never dawned on me to try the other ingredients, and would you know it- I had all of them at home!  It truly neutralized the room!  There is a very slight scent of the dish detergent, which is more than welcome.  Thank you so much for the free recipe.  It worked like a charm and I'm no longer embarrassed about the rancid odor coming from the spare room!


Just wanted you to know that I had a disaster last week when my male cat urinated on my bed after being accidentally locked in my bedroom.  I had a brand new comforter and silk-embroidered duvet on the bed.  It and the sheets were soaked in a large area.  I used the recipe/solution that you give on your site for mattresses and modified it for the bed linens.  Miracles do happen.  Absolutely no smell after one attempt!  I am thrilled and very thankful.

Suzzette Ghale
Louisville, KY

Thank You!! My 4 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and in a  three month time went from diagnosis to having to be put down. With the kidney disease my perfect cat began to have "accidents" on my dining room carpet. I tried the store carpet and cat odor eliminators and some just covered the smell temporarily and most didn't work at all. I found your website and had the same attitude as you, nothing ventured nothing gained. I could either keep using worthless cleaners and have my new cat start peeing to cover up the old cats pee or I could try the recipe out
and see if it works, and I had all the ingredients on hand already. I followed your recipe to a tee but used a spray bottle to apply the 50/50 combination of water and vinegar then worked it in with my fingers. After waiting all night to let it dry I vacuumed my carpet first thing to remove the excess baking powder, and after my first smell test I was
amazed I couldn't smell cat urine at all in places I know my cat peed on. I am going to repeat the process a few more times just to make sure there is no smell not only to my human nose but my other cats noses as well. Thank you again for a great recipe. And by the way the recipe worked great on the mattress as well!


Click here if you would like to add your comments to this Testimonial page

Hi Zoe: 

Just to let you know that your cat urine removal recipe is excellent – it worked like a charm and did not ruin my carpets at all.  Furthermore, I now know that Sophie has urinary tract or bladder issues – I have her on canned food for urinary issues and already there has been a change – she is using the litter box and she is acting totally normal once again.  I realize there may be regressions here and there but that I can deal with.  I am also in the process of switching the other 3 cats to an improved food so if Sophie strays once in a while to their bowls it will not be a problem. 

Thanks again for putting that recipe on the web – none of the store bought cleaners really worked as well. 

Cheers, Joyce

Here is our story: My husband and I went on vacation and left our 2 cats at home (friend checked in with them to ensure they had a good dose of love, food and water). However, upon our return and while unloading our truck, I found one of my cats with all fours in a small potted plant, pissing off the back, landing on the carpet. I couldn’t believe it! They never did that before and believe my cat did it to make his point. Therefore, not knowing how long he had been doing that and if both cats were involved, I needed to take quick action. Turns out, after pulling back the carpet, I had a large area to clean, cause the whole house stunk. After trying several remedies, I found your remedy and it completely made sense. I cut out the padding around the area and then followed your directions to a tee, although, due to the size of the area, I think I used more like a ½ bottle of hydrogen peroxide mixed with the dish soap to compensate for the entire area.

I am convinced that this is the only way to get cat urine and smell removed. I’ve stuck my nose right into to the areas and I now smell NOTHING! I am so pleased that I didn’t have to pay for a professional and should be able to keep the carpet which was a custom made area rug.  Thank you for posting this remedy! You’ve saved me hundreds of dollars we really don’t need to spend in this economy. Excellent advice and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated finding this recipe.

Thank you again!

Best regards, Kristen, Rochester NY

Can't understand why my cats did this.. Must have been company in the area of litter box for over a week that intimidated them. Thought I had a plumbing leak.  Yikes, it was cat urine, after all. Tried purchased remedies to no avail,  Then found your recipe online and it worked like a charm. Don't know what made me happier  - That I had no
leak - or that I was able to absolutely clean that spot !  Thank you

Hi Zoe...Gotta tell ya, you have the best remedy of anything I have found yet.
My male cat has been marking, due to the 5 cats outside our house, who sit under the windows, porch,
and hang out. I went to put my 15 year old cat down last year, they told me the marking is due to the
stress from the out door cats. They suggested giving him an antidepressant. It worked. However, he marked all over my house...bought all these enzymes, blah blah blah...and none worked as well as your're incredible...noooooooo smell. totally works works...

Thank you so much...



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