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7 month old rescue puppy showing some aggression to my other 7 month old puppy - Behaviour Problems - Dog Chat Forums

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7 month old rescue puppy showing some aggression to my other 7 month old puppy


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#1 laurenmcgrath



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Posted 08 March 2017 - 02:41 AM

I have adopted a 7 month old pitbull mix puppy 2 days ago (neutered) his name is Harlem. He's very people friendly and he doesn't come across as 'dog aggressive' like walking past dogs on the street he doesn't bark/lunge/attack. At the moment he's still trying to settle into my home and is somewhat nervous but has connected to me very well. He has been with other dogs at the shelter, but I'm not sure if maybe he was just with females and not males (I have attached a picture of him from the shelter beside another dog)


I have a 7 month old collie/lurcher mix named Rocky (not neutered, due to be at the end of this month) who is extremely friendly towards people and dogs, literally the ideal perfect puppy.


When they are in the same room Harlem doesn't try to lunge or anything, but when Rocky gets too close and intimidates him, or is getting attention off me or my mother, Harlem with snap at him. It isn't relentless, he doesn't keep attacking Rocky, it's usually like a warning snap. How do I stop this from happening and help them get along? I'm constantly on edge that Harlem will snap at Rocky as Rocky is boisterous and likes to puppy play/bark/growl which I think intimidates Harlem or maybe he misinterprets it as aggression because he wasn't properly socialized as a young pup as he lived in an animal shelter. 


At the moment, I'm constantly having Harlem on a leash for when Rocky comes close so that I can break it up, it's draining having to have Harlem constantly by my side and worrying about a fight. 


How can I help them get along, stop Harlem from being afraid and teach him how to play and understand Rocky isn't a threat?


(And before anyone mentions the fact that Harlem is a pitbull and that all pitbulls are 'aggressive' I don't want to hear it as I know tons of dog and people friendly pitbulls). 



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#2 willowlynn


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Posted 08 March 2017 - 08:31 AM

Yep. not all Pitties are dog aggressive but it is in their nature, and you might see it more as he matures.  If you want to keep Harlem, you need to hire a dog trainer/behaviorist to come in and take it from there.  There are warning signs that you may not see, you need an expert to come in before there is a serious injury.  The way a dog acts at a shelter is not much indication of their true personality, better safe then sorry.

#3 Viv


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Posted 08 March 2017 - 09:14 AM

Not all are aggressive but many are ---your one might be it all depends on the breeding of the parents if parents were bred to fight BAm -you get a nasty dog.I know of many many sweet Pits---BUT yours just might be---trainer as said is needed-

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