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How to act when confronted by an aggressive dog

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#1 ed112



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Posted 07 May 2017 - 08:33 AM

I do not personally have a great deal of experience with dogs and as a result am looking for more insight from those who do.


My motivation behind this thread is due to an incident while out walking today in the countryside with my father.


While we were walking down a right of way which passed a house and barn through a single track valley, we began to hear the barking of dogs at a distance of a few hundred yards away from the property. As we continued down the open track flanked by two fields with barb wire fencing, the barking continued and I eventually noticed two Lurchers (I believe was the breed of dog) who had begun charging down the path towards us.


We at first tried to proceed down the path as normal however once we realized the dogs were indeed charging towards us, my father who has more experienced with dogs instructed me to turn and face them and we then proceeded the back away at a slow walk. The dogs at this point were keeping a short distance away from us barking while wagging their tails.


As we continued to back away my dad tried to speak to them in a calm voice. The dogs increasingly moved closer and closer into our personal space and at various points I thought they would move in to attack us.


We needed to back away for a good two to three minutes with the dogs maintaining close proximity and barking before we reached a point to which the dogs stopped following us and eventually moved back down the lane to their property.


As a result of this experience I was quite shaken and at various points it did get close to the point where I felt I may have needed to defend myself, as did my father warn me that it may come to the point where we would have to fight them.


I am interested to know what is the proper course of action within these situations in case it should happen again and would like to see what dog owners themselves feel is appropriate for a situation such as this.


One final thing to note is that the owners of these dogs were not to my knowledge in residence otherwise I would hope they would have taken steps to help us with what felt to me a very precarious situation.  Both my father and myself were alone and not in a position to ask for help from others.

#2 Viv


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 03:42 AM


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#3 willowlynn


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 03:48 AM

You might want to consider carrying hot pepper spray.  That was a scary experience!  I've encountered only one loose nasty dog while walking with my young child, it's important not to show fear and use commands on the dog such as, stay and sit and even tell the dog to go home.  The dog I encountered ended up going home.  Once you are safely away from the dog, don't hesitate to report the incidence to authorities, most areas have leash laws.

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