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Owner surrenders?

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#1 Everything's Zen

Everything's Zen


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 10:38 PM

I'm always an emotional wreck when I have to witness an owner surrender at the No Kill shelter I volunteer for. Its absolutely heart wrenching. Yesterday was the worst!
Over a yr ago actually a yr ago 11-22-16 a beautiful 8 month old brindle Pit Bull boy we called Zeplin found his forever home. A lovely couple who seemed to be responsible and aware of the stigma associated with his breed, decided to adopt him. They filled out the adoption form everything vet check, background check, and home check all worked out perfectly. They accepted Zeplin into there family and took him to his forever home.
So we thought. Unfortunately Zeplin was brought back to us yesterday! The reason they gave for returning him was absolutely awful and made my blood boil. They no longer wanted him because she was pregnant and she can't ignore the statistics of bites and deaths that his breed are responsible for. She said she seen a story of a father stabbing his Pit of 5 yrs to death to get it off his 1 yr old daughter. She had been having regrets adopting him ever since she found out she was expecting and after hearing that she knew she wasn't taking any chances no matter what we thought of her! She was going to protect her baby.
I was absolutely floored and speechless thank the lord cause I sure wouldn't have been able to treat them with kindness and understanding like were suppose to do. The husband looked embarrassed and ashamed but said nothing.
We of course take any dog we adopt out back without an explanation. So after asking them did they have any concerns or recommendations they would like us to know which was a NO! As a matter of fact quit the opposite they told how smart, fun, loyal, loving a good boy he was.
They hugged him and told him they loved him and how good he is and a new family will come for him soon. They dropped a bunch of stuff on the floor next to him like they were droping him off to the pet sitter for a few weeks. Explaining his schedule eat, play, walk ect to us.
I wanted to freak out on them tell them to get the h@## out and don't ever come back. He was leaning on them shaking and sitting up putting his paws in there hands. He knew he was once again being dumped off at the shelter. When they finally left he tried so hard to go with them.
Instead of taking him to a kennel we put him and his belongings in the meet and greet room. When we were done he came home with me for the night.

So now I've got a foster which Zen is thrilled about Otis not so much! I have to fill out his profile for our website and have it posted by Friday. He is going to the shelter with me today to get a wellness check from our vet and reevaluated. He's such a gentleman that its really unnecessary to evaluate him but its shelter policy. I hate the thought of walking him into the shelter again but at least he's not staying.
I haven't fostered since I got Otis cause he has some issues and I'm hoping Zeplin will have a short stay with us.
I don't normally make impulsive decisions like this and I do believe after we find Zeplin his for real forever home I might take a break from the shelter for awhile.
I just feel like screaming at all the owners who "love" there dogs but have to rehome them to stop making excuses and own up to there responsibilities. I'd love to tell them what I really think about them and I'd love more then anything to make them suffer some consequences so they won't be as likely to do it again. Its a shame!

I can't really comprehend the reasoning behind what they did. I'm even more upset with the fact that we have more extensive adoption policies for our Pit Bulls and they seemed perfect.😢

I'm gonna stop this now I'm sorry its so long just needed to vent hopefully without negative remarks either for or against the excuse they had for returning him based on his breed NOT HIM! Thanks for listening and if anyone's looking for a good housebroken well mannered friendly Pit Bull I know just the dog for you😁

#2 TheDogLine


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Posted 11 January 2018 - 05:19 PM

This is really sad. People should be allowed to love and care for any breed of dog they choose. It’s that simple. Working together, we can ensure that every loving pet — no matter the breed — receives a loving home. And everyone needs to know that aggression is not a breed characteristic or personality trait, and is not specific to any one breed of dog. Thank you for sharing this story! 

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