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Unprovoked biting without warning.

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#1 willnj84



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Posted 29 August 2007 - 11:10 PM

I just got a dog, his name is Jack he is Jack Russell Terrier/Boston Terrier mix and he is 11 months old. I adopted him from the humane society a few days ago. He had 3 or 4 previous owners, they brought him back for various reasons like small children and other dogs that he did not get along with. He was very nervous at first and did not trust me but after a couple days he seems to trust me and is happy. He is house broken, doesn't bark or growl, does not bite furniture or shoes or rip anything apart he loves to play and also loves just laying with me on the couch. He is a really great dog but there is just one problem. For no reason at all he will try to bite my friends. They will just be sitting on the couch and he will jump up on their lap and he tries to bite their face, Then a little later when that person is leaving he will try to bite their feet, he has done this two times and he made my one friend's lip bloody. When he bites people he gives no warning(growling, barking) that he is going to bite, he almost sneaks up on people and attacks. Also, while he is laying by himself on the couch when someone goes over to pet him he tries to bite them, this may be because he is resting but it is still not acceptable behavior. He has never bitten me and when he bites others I do yell at him and I give him no attention for about 20 minutes. Can anyone help me with this? I really do not want to have to bring him back or for him to bite someone I don't know. Please if you know anything I can do please contact me, either on this board or at Thank you. -Will

#2 Karen


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 12:59 AM

He may have learned in a former home to bite without warning. This often happens in the case of dogs who are harshly punished for biting or the punishment is poorly timed or otherwise innappropriate. Also digs who feel that their warnings are not being heeded or that humans do nto respond to body language will often up the ante and go quicker to the bite and give less warning. Once a dog stops giving body language for bites, it can be tough to teach them to start giving warning again. Or he may be giving warning but it is not being picked up on if he is a dog whose normal ways are subtle language. Now, the furniture issue is probably a possession issue and furninture rules are no dogs on at all until they are set in who is running the show, learne to get on and off on cue and do not challenge possession. Keeping him on a lead when with you will help with this. Also it will help put you in control of everything he does so he will learn your rules. As for the biting - this worries me and no aggression issues should be dealt with if the trainer cannot see the dog first hand and observe the problem. This may be why he was given up. Now, where are you located? I do recommend you find a good trainer or better yet a behavioral consultant near you. can help. Stop the yelling, it gives the wrong meaning to a dog and can worsen the issues. Oh darn - I just checked the time and have people due here any moement. Go to this link and read dominance theory http://www.westwindd...nceoverview.pdf - it will help with unestanding and then do a YAHOO or GOOGLE for NILIF...
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