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Life expectancy or Life Span of  large breed dogs

Large Breed Dog
How long does a large breed dog live?


Is it true that seven human years equals one dog year?

It is generally believed that a dog ages seven years to every one year of a human life. While this can be used as a general guideline it is not strictly accurate. Dogs age more quickly in the puppy stage than they do in later life. Small dogs and large dogs also age at a different rate. A nine year old small dog may still be quite active however a large breed dog is becoming a senior citizen.

Additional informaton:  Age converter table which provides much more accurate information when converting dog years to human years

Diet is important for your dog to have a long life

It is important to feed your large breed dog a nutritional diet, low in fat and served in moderate portions. You must guard against allowing your dog to become overweight. Just as it is with humans many ailments and injuries are attributed to your dog being overweight. Click here for more details on diet and obesity in dogs. Don't shorten your dogs lifespan by letting him get fat.

Overweight dogs may also suffer from joint problems and arthritis which, while not a direct threat to life, may lead to chronic pain, decreased activity and decreased quality of life. In severe cases euthanasia is the kindest option.


Spaying and Neutering

Research has shown that a spayed or neutered dog will live longer than a dog who has not been fixed. Spaying and neutering reduces the dogs urge to roam thus reducing chance of accidents. Female dogs can die giving birth. There is also a reduced risk of some cancers.

Euthanasia of your Dog - Help with Decisions

Average Life Span of Large Breed Dogs
Breed of Dog Average Life Span
Afghan Hound 11-13 Years
Airedale Terrier 10-12 Years
Akita 10-12 Years
Alaskan Malamute 12-15 Years
American Foxhound 10-12 Years
American Water Spaniel 12-15 Years
Anatolian Shepherd Dog 12-14 Years
Australian Sheppard 12-14 Years
Beauceron 10-12 Years
Belgian Malinois 12-14 Years
Belgian Shepherd 13-14 Years
Belgian Tervuren 10-12 Years
Bernese Mountain Dog 7-8 Years
Coonhound 10-12 Years
Bloodhound 10-12 Years
Borzoi 10-12 Years
Bouvier des Flandres 10-12 Years
Boxer 12-14 Years
Briard 10-12 Years
Bulldog 8-12 Years
Bull Terrier 12-14 Years
Chesapeake Bay Retriever 10-13 Years
Chow 12-15 Years
Collie 12-15 Years
Coonhound 10-12 Years
Curly-Coated Retriever 12-14 Years
Dalmatian 12-14 Years
Deerhound 11-12 Years
Doberman Pinscher 10-13 Years
English Foxhound 10-13 Years
English Setter 10-12 Years
Flat-Coated Retriever 10-11 Years
German Shepherd 10-13 Years
German Shorthaired Pointer 10-12 Years
German Wirehaired Pointer 10-12 Years
Giant Schnauzer 12-15 Years
Golden Retriever 10-13 Years
Gordon Setter 10-12 Years
Great Dane 7-10 Years
Great Pyrenees 10-12 Years
Greyhound 10-14 Years
Ibizan Hound 10-13 Years
Irish Setter 12-14 Years
Irish Water Spaniel 10-12 Years
Irish Wolf Hound 6-8 Years
Komondor 10-12 Years
Labrador Retriever 10-15 years
Newfoundland 8-12 Years
Mastiff American 10-12 Yeas
Mastiff English 10-12 Years
Newfoundland 8-11 Years
Old English Sheepdog 10-12 Years
Otterhound 10-11 Years
Plott 12-14 Years
Pitbull 12-14 Years
Pointer 12-15 Years
Poodle Standard 12-14 Years
Pyrenean Mountain Dog 9-12 Years
Rhodesian Ridgeback 9-12 Years
Rottweiler 9-12 Years
Saint Bernard 8-10 Years
Saluki 12-14 Years
Samoyed 12-15 Years
Shetland Sheepdog 12-15 Years
Siberian Husky 10-14 Years
Spinone Italiano 12-14 Years
Vizsla 10-14 Years
Weimaraner 10-13 Years




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