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Transition From Potty Pads to Outside


Potty Pads to Outside
Potty Pads to Outside Transition


Your puppy has learned to use puppy pads successfully inside the house but now it's time to move on and get him to go outside to use the bathroom. You taught him to use the potty pads so there should be no problem teaching him to go outside.

As with all training techniques you must be consistent. Once you decide that it's time for him to go outside to use the  bathroom you must enforce this rule at all times. If you are not consistent then it will only serve to confuse your puppy and he won't understand what is expected of him.

Begin by moving the potty pad close to the door (the door where he will exit the house from). Ensure that he sees you moving the pad (and remind him often of the move) so that he isn't caught short when he goes to the usual spot. When you see him go to use his pad pick him up without startling him and take him outside. Take him to an area that you consider suitable for using the bathroom for all time. You don't want to teach him one area now and then later on when he is bigger have to teach him another area.


It can be helpful to bring the potty pad outside with you to help your puppy understand what is expected of him. A soiled pad may be more useful as dogs rely more on scent than sight.

Stand with him but don't distract him at all. Let him sniff around. If he goes to the bathroom while outside tell him what a good dog he is while he is actually peeing or pooping. Lavish praise on him. 'Go Potty, Good Boy' Make a fuss and let him know how pleased you are with him.

If you take the puppy outside and after three or four minutes he hasn't gone to the bathroom bring him back inside and try again in ten minutes.

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Belly Bands For Male Dogs who pee on your furniture 
Submissive Urination - Tips to prevent it

Teaching a dog to pee on command may prove convenient in the future. Whenever he successfully goes outside use a word or phrase such as 'Go Potty' or 'Do a pee' or words that you are comfortable with. If you consistently use the same phrase he will associate the words with going to the bathroom when you ask him to.

Puppies will normally need to go just after they have eaten and just after they have woken up. Always take your puppy outside after these events. They go plenty of other times too so keep a watch out. Take him outside as soon as he wakes and within a few minutes of eating.

Even though you are now teaching your pup to eliminate outside, there is no need to punish him for using the pee pad. Praising your puppy when he complies with the new routine has far greater benefits than scolding when he does what you previously taught him to do.


Some dog owners also choose to give a treat to reward their puppies for their behavior. Treats are great incentives, but whether you reward with treats is a matter of personal preference. Someday you will have to teach your growing dog that using the bathroom is not grounds for a treat every single time.

All puppies are different and how quickly they catch on to the idea of going outside will vary. Soon you will be able to  get rid of the potty pads for ever and your puppy's potty training is complete.



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